Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bored at work

Mood: listless
Weather: foggy

So I've done alot today but I really want to leave. They laid off a ton of people yesterday so it is a tad empty here now. I did a bunch of little projects then started my own projects. Learned a bit about powertranes - the field I'm interviewing for - and reviewed the education standard for k-3 for a friend who was wondering about it. I also found 2 decent sources of matboard for my mom and picked a ton of pictures I like for the house (none really match) from My plan for art is to change it seasonally but I don't know if that will work. For example, winter theme pictures are very stark and white and I like them but they will not make the room cheerful - I can look outside if I want snow. Technically there isn't any snow at the moment but my point is valid.

Anyway, I seem to have become Ms. Answer for the group, everyone is asking me all sorts of questions including what toner goes in what machine. I have no clue~ I am also being asked about credit terms, vendor history, part conversion, high level accounting stuff, how to use messenger, how to add a printer to a machine and (this is my favorite) where the forklift is. How do you loose the forklift? And why would I know where it is? Look around people, it's not in my 10x10 cube. I mostly make up intelligent sounding answers so that probably why people keep asking me stuff. Either that or the fact that I'm STILL here, there were 30 something people in this area 2 months ago - by next week there will only be 8, including temps.

Soooo, I am thinking of reasonable reasons to leave early. The weather is actually ok, rainy but above freezing so no ice. I could use the 'it will freeze when it gets dark' line... I want to start scanning wedding pictures into the computer and I can't do that here. I think I'll hang out for another hour, clear up any problems that come my way, and head out about 3:30 ish. We will see if that works.

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