Friday, December 10, 2004

Cyber World Group sucks

Well, for the past 2 months Cyber World Group has been calling me and nobody is ever on the line, my caller ID says this has happed about 60 times in 3 weeks. Anyway, today I finally got fed up and tracked these people down. Not easy, they are actually Canadian but once I found them and got a little loud at them, they went and fixed it. Apparently our number was stuck in the automatic redial system.... it better be fixed. It was just the last straw but now it done!

In other news, I am 100% done with Christmas for other people! I still need to do a bit more on Lars but all our friends and family are done. BTW, Jo-Anns is having massive sales - 60% and more - off all their holiday stuff and they have a nice collection this year. I love the awesome little boxes, I picked up two for just-in-case presents and if they aren't needed they are mine! I probably will need them though… Christmas will be very strange here in MN without any family (other then Lars) but change is ok and we will have time to settle into the house and maybe do a project or two.
Time to go wrap so I can hopefully get all this stuff out to the mail tomorrow. My goal was today but you know how battling a telemarketing company can eat up your day.

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