Sunday, December 12, 2004

End of the weekend already

Mood: very awake for 10pm
Weather: still windy, you should see the lawn ornaments
Favorite: candy, mint kit kats

I did the final walk through for the house, everything was basically the same. The nice previous owners have left the curtains and stuff - not great ones - but hey, we won't flash the neighbors. Lars and I did make it to the Home Depot and picked colors pretty quickly, now we need to figure out how much we need and purchase it. Only 3 rooms really so we won't need a ton but it is still more paint then I've ever purchased before. I'm glad Lars and I agreed so fast, it's nice when things are simple sometimes.

Packing status at around 80%. I have all the hanging stuff done but nothing from the dressers. The mother load of boxes is already depleted, hopefully Lars can get more tomorrow. Liquor store boxes are such a good size, you can pack a good amount of stuff without making it to heavy.

As for the blog learning curve, I have figured out how to add stuff to the page. We can now view today in history and a link to the comic of the day and a nifty counter too, all curtsey of I will now see if anyone ever reads this since visitors will be counted.

Well since I feel I packed enough today I am now going to mess around with games~

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