Monday, December 27, 2004

Finally, back from radio silence

Mood: pleasant
Weather: dawn, and it's almost 10am

So, number one, Qwest lied and we did not get internet or phone on Friday. I feel like an addict with withdrawal after almost a week without internet access. Anyway, back at work and super busy but I need to post for my own mental health.

Update on goals... Since I had 2 extra days, bedroom is painted 100%, tape removed, carpet and carpet pad removed, and ready for flooring. Computer room is 99.99% painted (somehow missed a corner in the dark) and we have our desks arranged so once we get internet we are ready for business. LR/DR wall is done, furniture still isn't in final locations but more or less ok. We spent alot of time unpacking, cleaning, arranging, and painting and it is looking alot like a house now. I'm missing one kitchen box that has the good knives and the dishdrainer and I have now clue where it could be.

Christmas was melo, we ended up with a fake tree because we waited too long to go looking for a real one. Note for next year, get tree 3 days or more before Christmas. It looks pretty anyway, we found all our ornaments and load enough pretty things onto an ugly $11 walmart tree and it equals out to 'nice'. I think everyone liked our presents, Lars' brothers family disappointed us yet again by opening their gifts as soon as they arrived about 2 weeks ago. Next year I'm mailing them late, this is the 2nd time this happened so I'm mailing on dec 26th next year. Lars liked what I got him and I liked what he got me :) We found all the gifts that were packed and gave them all out in good order. Dinner was delicious, Jen made a great bird, we made potatoes and the trifle went over well.

We also met the neighbors over the last 4 days. They seem nice and friendly and we went over to play cards last night. Jury is out still but better then having mean or nasty people across the street.

Time to go acquire my bosses work- I'm not getting it all but a good chunk. I really hope my interview goes well tomorrow!!! I need a new job, closer to home, with an actual future.

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