Sunday, December 12, 2004

Good Morning

Mood: Stalling because I don't want to start packing again
Weather: very very windy
Favorite: Pilates tape - Winsor 20 min

Ok, Yesterday we hit the mother load of boxes. We went to 2 liquor stores and got as many as would fit in the car so I'm ready to pack again. I was noticing that I fill all boxes with max capacity so the big ones are pretty heavy. Lars and I went out on a date more or less yesterday. Or friend Josh is dating a very nice person Karen and we seem to be the designated going-out-with-company and I like it, it's like mini dates for us with none of the dating stress. We went to see Blade 3 - I give it a solid 3 on scale of 1-100. I actually was expecting very little so I was pleasantly surprised. You have to laugh at the silly stuff, like TripleH running, but overall, if you are a vamp purest, you will hate it. There was however a 4 year old next to us (with two parental adult like people) but I can't believe she was there. Very violent and tons of bad language. I'm pretty sure most of the inuniendo went over her head but I hope she doesn't have nightmares. Oh well, at least she was good, it's impressive that she sat through the whole thing and was reasonably quiet. Anyway, I don't judge, they probably had a good reason for being there, maybe her dads in the movie, who knows....

So after the movie, Josh got to go 'meet the parents' while Lars and I procured tons of boxes then we met up for dinner at Famous Daves. For all the East coasters, this is the BEST place for ribs and someday they will make it out there too. After dinner I meant to pack but Lars had to go to work at 2 am so we went to lie down and boom, now it's morning. Coincidently, Lars just called, it is 10 am and he is still there. He reports that he ate a little bag of cheezeits. He may be home in an hour but then he will be asleep so I will amuse myself until 4pm probably.

I have a final walk through of the house, I need to make a list of dementions so I can calculate paint....
I must also exercise... I've wimped out the past 2 days and I can feel it in my energy.

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