Saturday, December 11, 2004

Hate the Social security office - Love Oceans 12

So I got married last month (a whole MONTH ago!) and I know I need to do paperwork to change my name. Get the form, spend my Friday off last week waiting in line to get a number, to wait until number was called, to go up to the desk and show all my stuff and then they said they didn't need my form and I was done. Not bad? Well there was one annoying fat guy who kept talking to everyone. He asked what I was reading and I said romance novel, and he said he hated them, so I said good for you... So basically the fat lonely guy was the only trouble of the day. Last night, opening mail, I get my new social security card! I have officially changed my name from MacMenamin to...... MacMenamin! Sadly, they did nothing other then reprint my card. I called and yelled and got nowhere. I wrote a letter to the governor of MN and a staffer already wrote back saying they will see what they can do. I don't have alot of hope but at this point I don't have time to get to the office again before Jan sometime. So that's why I hate the SS department, they have stolen a day from me and made it hard for me to sign legal documents.

Since I was in a rage, and Lars sweetie head isn't always sure how to deal with me in that state was hiding on the computer playing WoW (I might start playing after Christmas). So I semi snappily ask if he was going to play all night and he sorta snapped back that I wasn't to pleasant to be around. I left and went to pack more and he got the hint and came and cuddled me. So we watched Hollywood E news since nothing better is on Friday night and they reviewed Oceans 12. I said lets go, he said when, I said right now (country song anyone?) and we went. We loved it! It had some improbable moments but all round fun and funny and beautiful. You can't go wrong with that set of stars but the settings in Italy and Amsterdam held their own with the beautiful people. I highly recommend the move, it is even ok for a smart kid, no sex and no cursing.

Ok, just finished my breakfast - waffles with bananas. I usually eat 3 plain waffles but the bananas were on their last day so I cut one up and added it. Now I know that 1 waffle = 1 banana cause I really can't finish the last one.

Back to Christmas packing, I need to get these in the mail today!

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