Wednesday, December 22, 2004

House, day 4

Mood: optimistic - have tomorrow off
Weather: sunny and it has warmed up to -3
Favorite: thought; one person is a repeat visitor to this site. Special Hi to you!

Ok, yesterday was like a marathon. I am going through some internet, TV and phone withdrawal since I can only check mail and use the phone at work until Friday and no TV until Monday. I'm not counting down to Christmas, I'm counting down to TV! Yesterday I got stuck in 2 hours of traffic because of snow on the way to work and I was determined to leave at 3 so I worked like a loon and didn't have much time to breath. After work I had 1 hour to hit Target to finish Christmas shopping for Lars then I had a good bye party for a friend. I got some good deals at Target, may want to fill in with the dollar store for stocking stuffers, but that is actually dependednt on being able to find the stockings.

Packing (unpacking) update- We have the majority of the boxes at the new house, maybe 1 more load in the suv and car will finish the job (being optimistic, might take 2 more) and we have all the kitchen in order. To give us some peace of mind, last night Lars and I arranged the living room area so it isn't a blob of furniture standing in the middle. None of the stuff matches and only 2 pieces of furniture in the room belong there but we can't put the dressers away until the bedroom is done. It is much nicer visually to have a room up there and I can still paint the back wall - needs a second, hopefully final, coat.

We picked a nice dark red for the back wall of the kitchen, I think it will look great with the light yellow and blond wood. You won't see too much red because the cabinets dominate that wall but that means less to paint. When I'm done I need to take pictures, I have 'befores' already, just waiting for home internet to post. I need to think of another color for the other 2 walls of the living room. It's not a rush but I would like to do it sooner rather then later.

Adventures in home ownership continue, we had to buy a shovel yesterday since it snowed. The garage door still thinks the ground is an object and opens up randomly. Today I think it was the snow that triggered the sensor but it is still annoying. We successful did a load of laundry without flooding the floor - always a perk. The stove, oven, and fridge all seem to work but we haven't tested the dishwasher yet.

Tomorrow and Friday I'm off from work so no update until Friday night so these are my plans for the next two days; Finish painting the bedroom (hoping to start tonight), second coat on the livingroom, get green paint of the correct color for the computer room, price wood for wanes-coating, wrap presents, possibly paint the computer room, remove bedroom carpet, trash removal and clean the apt, Christmas tree?, unpack enough to find the Christmas presents for our friends.

Those are enough goals for now

Last for this post - work update. Nobody new has quit but I might get my bosses stuff dumped on me. I really don't have time for his work and mine... I have an interview on Tuesday that hopefully goes well. The CC facility that is 'closing' isn't actually closing but they are transferring about 85% of the work out and in my opinion that causes more work then just moving everything since I have to worry about what is staying or going.

ok, back to the salt mine

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