Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday Morning

Mood: ok
Weather: sunny but super cold - 14degrees
Favorite: time of day, 5, so I can go home (8h to go)

I did not want to get up and my alarm got integrated into my dream so I was 10 min behind. Nobody really notices because everyone is leaving! I just found out my favorite vendor contact is being moved because so much of our business is moving. One more person gone that made the day good. Hopefully Jen can get me in at her place, cross fingers, I need a more stable environment!

Since last night I have packed nothing but Lars is home all day so I have some hope he might get something done. I suppose I don't mind too much if he doesn't, packing really isn't something he likes to do therefore he will not be good at it.

Well, time to work some more

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