Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mood: just fine
Weather: not too cold and sunny
Favorite: appliance - the George Forman Grill

I played hokey from work today. Yesterday 3 people, including my direct supervisor, gave notice so it will be a very empty office after Christmas. I kept myself up for hours worrying about missing today but I really had alot to get done and eventhough it is only Wednesday, I needed a break. So, I have packed and I will continue packing. Lars is moving stuff down into the garage to try and make space. Things take up alot of room when they are all stacked together.

I took advantage of the weather and ran outside. I probably did about 2 miles but I kept getting a cramp so I don't feel 100% exercised but I don't want to do any more. I listen to my book on tape while I run (and clean) sort of like a treat but this book is not improving much. I can't give up on it though so I will listen while I pack and feel like I am reading rather then working.

back to work~

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