Thursday, December 30, 2004

Need good thoughts

Mood: Getting sleepy
Weather: 50 degrees... Hell must be rising

Ok, I fled from work at approximately 4:30pm and new boss (new to me, not the company, old boss has been at his new job since Tuesday) asks me questions every 30 min and is mildly upset that I work 4 10 hour days and I won't be there tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the interview. I need positive thoughts coming my way. I need to impress 6 different people over 4 hours. The positive side to a 4 hour 6 person interview is that they can't possibly have many so hopefully I've made the first cut. They also have 4 positions open so if I can't get ONE of them I have issues. I will not be the be the last mouse on the sinking ship. Did I mention work is practically empty? They laid off soooo many people it is crazy but we all knew it was happening.

Well shout out to 8K , way to be. I read a few blogs, they are fun and I like the variety of it all. Someone I read fairly often tried to comment on the tsunami... I can't really say much either, no way to envision that many dead people and I don't want to think about it happening here. The irony in MN is that the story was sandwitched between the college women's basketball team story and the wacko who shot 5 people a few weeks ago.

Extra statement on the weather, it really is 50 degrees here - record high. It hasn't been that warm here since September and it is a little crazy. Last week was negative numbers, lets not question the weather.

I have finally begun the wedding picture scanning project, I have half of one book done so 1/6 done.

Ok, I need to go to bed so I don't look like an old bag when I interview~

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