Thursday, December 16, 2004

Night time finally

Mood: good
Weather: cold, going to get colder this weekend
Favorite: honey head

Busy busy day, skipping work yesterday made today very full. I got home and my wedding pictures arrived! I love them they really are great. I need to post them, that can be a project after we move. Tomorrow is closing, I have from morning to 3 pm to finish packing and start cleaning. We also need to get paint... I have a feeling it will be a hectic weekend.

I should pack more BUT I have 2 new books that just arrived. Two cents on but 7 dollars shipping, I still think its a good deal. I also watched the 2 hour finally of the apprentice. I'm a sucker for shows like that, I just like the politics. I am very happy with the final decision but I feel a tiny bit bad for Jen because nobody stood up for her in the end. I would have fired her ages ago but she did an ok job in the end. Trump wants good tv so some of his decisions were nutty but only one can win.

Time to do a little more - I think I'll set the timer for an hour, then read, then sleep.

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