Monday, December 13, 2004

Too many Treats!

Mood: over full
Weather: sunny

Ok, as a buyer, there is a 'perk' around holidays that vendors will give the group some sort of sweet. As an unwritten rule, the treats all go on a table by the copy area so every time I print or copy I am very tempted. I have been bad and eaten 3 cookies and 2 pieces of chocolate. I'm trying to avoid the area but I know this is just the start...

I am trying to track down rouge Christmas gifts, they are somewhere in shipping land and since I need to reship the majority out to family members in NY I need them now. I'm good at waiting on hold, it's part of my regular job so I can do it for myself too.

I owe exercise to myself, hopefully I'll get time tonight and I can find floor space. I will be very happy to move so I can start unpacking. Only a few days left to closing, I will have my first married Christmas in my first house :)

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