Tuesday, December 14, 2004

very tired

Mood: super tired
Weather: colder then yesterday, 8 degrees

Last night I had good intentions to exercise but I just felt rotten so I took a nap. There isn't alot of time between when I get home (6-6:30) and when I go to bed (10:30-11) but I got a few more boxes packed even with the nap. There is still soooo much to do, everytime I think I'm getting somewhere I find more stuff to either pack, wrap, mail, call about, track down, or clean. Hopefully work is inspiring today so I don't fall asleep at my desk.

Book news - I finished Steven Kings short story pertaining to the Dark Tower, Everythings Eventual. I love when authors interrelate the characters and books so you feel like there is a little bit more of the book you liked out there. I am also listening/reading (book on tape) a slightly odd book basically following the life of a fairly self centered and silly girl growing up during the beginning of WWI. The interesting parts of the book are how life and visiting was like then. People would go visit for 3 weeks or send children to visit an aunt for a summer. I don't think that is too common anymore. I keep wanting to drop in on friends in the area and I always chicken out because I don't want to come unannounced or put them on the spot. Oh well, something to think about.... Once we move further north I will be alot closer to most of my MN friends so maybe dropping by will happen someday. I know I would like people to just come over but that's just me.

Ok, this woke me up some. Have a good day

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