Monday, January 31, 2005

Another day another search for an ugly T-Shirt

Mood: busy
Weather: snowed this morning but over 30 now

This would get dull if all I talked about was work but it is actually fairly entertaining to be here. Lots going on and I sit in the middle of a few interesting people. In addition to quite guy 1 to 4 I have a new loud guy who comes and goes very randomly but is fun when he is around. There is a little office 'joke' that is going around that when you leave your computer, before your screen saver comes on, someone will go into the preferences and change the screen saver to the scrolling message and make it scroll something silly like 'I don't work' or 'I smell'. I have been pretty good at avoiding them so far....

Tomorrow there is a conference I'm going to and there was a shirt ordered for me. I spent a fair amount of time looking for it and by all accounts it is pretty ugly. I saw someone's and it is red with a checkered collar~ not the height of fashion. I officially took over my commodities today, I have 30% of all parts but they aren't high dollar so they are a bit neglected. I'll be super busy for a good long time now....

Sunday, January 30, 2005

12th Night

Mood: feel like I'm hung over but I drank nothing but water and a diet coke
Weather: gray but in the 30's I think

The yucky oatmeal was an omen! Lars and I went to a fairly big SCA event, around 200 people, and it was only 45 min away so that was nice. We managed to get lost because the directions were very weird, there were atleast 2 better ways to get there but in the end we got there perfectly on time. Jen got there in good order with her dress and I think she had a decent time. The SCA is really about hanging out and talking so once you get to know more people it's more fun. At some point in the day I started getting a headache, I drank water, I ate lunch but I ended up with a migeraine. I continued to sit through dinner and helped clean up the hall and even went to the after party hoping that a diet coke might fix me up but in the end I just got the feeling I was going to throw up and it was exit stage left. We really did have a good time all day and it just would have been better if I didn't have a throbbing head. Anyway, got home and lay in darkness and today I feel much better just strangely hung over.... I still intend on finishing the floor in the bedroom but I can't say if it will happen.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Mean Yucky oatmeal

Mood: morning
Weather: gray

Why does perfectly normal Oatmeal rebel when put in the microwave. I eat it every day making it with hot water (not to instructions) and today I followed the instructions and it exploded in the microwave and tastes funny and has hot spots.... Mean yucky oatmeal

Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday at last

Mood: Tired
Weather: cold

It doesn't feel like a Friday but I'm wearing jeans so it must be... Konrad left today at 5am so it was a weird sleeping night since Lars brought him to the airport and came back to sleep at 6 so I woke up a few extra times. It was fun having him around but now I get the good computer back ;) Tomorrow is an event that I need to finish an outfit for Lars and pack and find various things that have been packed for a few months and this is the first time I have needed them.

Did I say the last pack of flooring arrived? It did and hopefully Sunday we will complete the floor and maybe start moving in! We would need to do the thresholds and put all the molding back so I'm not confident of finishing on Sunday but I'll wait and see.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I have phone ear

Mood: full
Weather: ok I think, I don't have a window, 2 degrees this morning

Today is as opposite of yesterday as possible. I have been busy either on the phone or making orders all day. I had to eat breakfast while on a conference call and I got asked a dozen work questions while at lunch. I have a vague lull now because I got the morning batch of work done and now I need to take stock of what needs to happen next.

Dinner last night was good and we watched Napoleon dynamite. It was a strange, sorta funny, mostly weird movie. I was amused but Lars hated it... I don't know what the rest of the world sees in it because it is the #1 selling DVD at the moment.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Getting back on track

Mood: very good
Weather: something like 20 again

For the last few weeks I have 'fell off the wagon' of exercise. I actually have done Pilates a few times and run a few times but not enough times to make up for the massive amounts of food I seem to want. I have eaten a bunch of brownies, tons of snacks at the tastefully simple party (was fun and tasty) last night, candy left over from Christmas... I suppose that the fact that there is STILL leftover candy from Christmas is a good sign since it must mean I didn't eat it all quickly, more a slow snacking habit. Anyway, tonight I managed to run a few miles in the snow so I think that counts as further - I ran on clean pavement for about 400 yards and felt like I was flying. Lars called and said he was bringing home sushi so I'm waiting for sushi and not eating cookies. I have also updated my friends wedding guest list and done some work (work laptop at home) so I'm more or less productive. Our last batch of flooring arrived today so there is a light at the end of the bedroom project!!!

Hello to my new reader... and to 8k and family, now 6 people read me :) 8K I add links to the blogs I read then I use those links to read them, that might be why it looks like so many people come from my site to yours.

Slow day

Ever had one of those days where all your work is depended on someone else doing their part first? That is today for me....

To pass the time I am trying to trip plan. Lars wants to go to an event in Mississippi, we are going to NJ for a wedding over Easter, I need to get to a bridal shower at some unknow date in Feb, and then there is another friends wedding in June.... Hopefully at least one of those tickets can be 'purchased' on miles, we are almost up to a ticket. Just alot of logistics. Noon I'm out of here for offsite training, I have a list of questions that I hope they can answer because it will really make life easier for me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

One thing I miss about Turtle

Ice. for my coffee.... I don't like ice in drinks because it bumps my teeth and makes them too cold so I endlessly have to order soda and water without ice but ice is great in coffee. My tongue is a tiny bit burned, sorta that prickly feeling, because coffee here is too hot.

Killing time

Mood: fine
Weather: very very nice

I'm at work in an apparent lull. I know any second something will happen, that seems to be the way here. I ended up staying an extra hour yesterday and I was beat when I got home. I did get to do my 20min Pilates so I had more energy after. Konrad was using the livingroom so I did the pilates on my bed, I kinda wonder if that makes it a harder or easier work out. I tried to make Lars an under tunic and it didn't work very well at all, I need to redo it today. I'm not sure what went wrong but it doesn't fit at all.

Today our boss took everyone out to lunch so that was fun. Tomorrow I have offsite training so I get to leave about 12:30. At some point I need to find time to get tickets to Konrad and Heathers wedding and I need to check on my dress and the flooring... Sorry, I'm now using the blog to make lists for myself. Well only 5 people read it anyway :). Tonight I'm going to a tastefully simple show, hopefully it will be fun, I'm going to try and drag my friend Ka along.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Week two begins

Mood: tired
Weather: warmish - 20 something

I made brownies for the staff meeting today (first time to meet everyone) but the meeting got canceled so I just walked them around. Everyone liked them and I ate too many ~ I need to exercise but I ended up staying an extra hour and a half to finish something so I'm pooped...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

We aren't special

It snowed all over the east coast too. This is the most it has snowed here since we moved but I really don't mind not having to shovel so much every year.

Big News - the closet is done! I need to move the tools but it is all complete. I am currently doing the laundry so things can actually go away. Not bad for one month...

I got most of a Houpe done yesterday and J finished her very first SCA dress. It only has slight issues but will look just fine. The event is next weekend so I need to get going on Lars' so I can maybe do one for me. The problem with his, as always, is the arm. They need to be fitted but he keeps lifting weights so his arms keep getting bigger and bigger. Constructing garb isn't so bad, ripping apart and reconstruction is no fun and that's what I have to do.... Oh well, I think it will look awesome when it's done.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

House with snow

snow 002
Originally uploaded by
those footprints are mine and as of 5pm yesterday that driveway was clear.


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Lots of snow

Mood: Morning
Weather: deep snow

It snowed about a floor overall over the last two days, half a foot after I shoveled the driveway. I suppose I should go shovel again but it's so nice in side. All the other people are sleeping and I have all the computers to myself :) Today I plan on learning how to do Simon Delivers, the grocery service. They have more or less regular prices, not discount but not extra high either. I know I should just do it myself but working full time plus house stuff makes going to an extra store a real chore.

We still have a full house with my friend J coming over today too to do some sewing. I need to find all my sewing stuff. The plan today is a houpe for Lars, we will see what happens. I might need to order them all out of the house, their normal practice that takes them out of the way until 3 is canceled due to snow.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Field trip in the snow

Mood: working from home :)
Weather: snowing, 4 inches on the ground and more in the sky

Today the world minorly blew up at work and we had to get a little (heavy) box of parts from my facility to a vendor so they could set up for the weekend. In the end it was me, in my car, driving the box to hand deliver so a pleasant field trip. However, it is snowing. The way there was fine but coming back was a blizzard and I decided to stop at home (on the way) since I would probably take 45 min in the snow to get to work to leave about 25 min later so I'm at home, hooked up, and working. They have a great system for logging in from remote locations, basically idiot proof.

So from inside, the snow looks great. Nice, fluffy white snow all over everything. I suppose I should shovel or we might never leave the house again. I'm sure poor Lars is sitting in traffic trying to get home in the Saturn and I had the good snow car.

The 2 sad things about not going back to work when I planned on going is that
1. I left my bag there including my book :(
2. I left my frozen lunch in a drawer so by Monday I should have a science project...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

I think I love my job

Mood: good
Weather: snowed a few inches

After the obligatory boring yet stressful first day, less dull and more stress of learning the second day, a productive third day where I didn't need to go to bed at 8pm and a really fun and full forth day I'm declaring this job a success. I'm not doing what I'm going to be doing in the long run but they need help on a big project so I'm pitching in and they trust me enough that I'm incharge totally of the day to day while they figure out what to do about the issue long term. I was so busy today (in a good way) that I didn't even miss being able to mindlessly search the internet. I also enjoy the 25min back road commute and I listen to the morning traffic reports just to reinforce how good it is. The only threat of traffic would be getting stuck behind a tractor or something, maybe a cow crossing, but it's a nice easy drive. My desk area is still pitifully small but the guys around me are cool. I would make up descriptive names for them but they would all be 'quiet guy' except for one, he is 'loud guy'. They really all are just computer geek electrical engineers who stare at diagrams.

We now have another house guest so I should go clear out the room he is supposed to sleep in. It is full of garb so it's an easy clear.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Just a consumer warning. This company gouges people with shipping - the product is fine but they are the only place you can get it and they have a 'contract' with a shipping company that turns what UPS would charge $25 into $100 fee. I am not amused and I'm going to put this message every possible place on the internet.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Finally get to do some work

This post is basically an experiment to see if I can post from work... so far so good. I'm a little annoyed I can't check home e-mail from here but I understand their need for security. Today I'm actually doing a fairly important project and working with other people so it feels like I'm doing something finally. I like my laptop alot, at work I can bring it anywhere I want and it has instant online with the wireless modem. I can now hide and do messenger :)

Home improvement update - no, the closet still isn't done, but I'm very close now... I need to find the shelf brackets and vacuum and then it is done. I just keep adding more. I managed to order flooring but I'm in a little fight with them about shipping, I only need one box so they should UPS it not send a truck all the way out. We will see how that goes.

well, if it is my turn on the computer when I get home there may be another post but who knows....

Monday, January 17, 2005

Warning- posts might be shorter/fewer then average

Mood: good but tired
Weather: still super cold

First day at a new job is always interesting. I spent half the day getting the paperwork and ID stuff settled then I spent the rest of the day with a woman I'll be working with. The thing about hanging out with her is that she doesn't do the same job as what I'll be doing at all so I really want to move on but the boss and some of the buyers are in Amsterdam. I have a feeling this job involves more travel then I expected.

I am counting the days that they move to the new facility because the place I'm sitting right now is a hole. Actually a hole would be warmer. I can't complain much because I spent most of the day at another desk but my official seat is in a storage area with about 8 engineers from a different project team. It is dark and the only heat is from space heaters. I have a desk but that is a generous description of the surface I put the computer on. I don't have any walls nor do I think the new facility will have real cubes... Everything is very open so there goes my random posting for a while until I find out the ropes.

internet security is super tight too- I can't check any of my outside e-mail and I haven't experimented with many sites yet since I was with people all day except for 5 min. MSN messenger works so I still have my life line but I can only use the internet version. Oh well, in general, not a bad first day.

Konrad and Lars are at practice so this is my only computer time - thats the other reason for the fewer post warning. We have an extra computer but it is having troubles so mine is being used by Konrad so he and Lars can play. Anytime they aren't playing we are all likely to be out or I'm sleeping so I only get a little time a day. It's ok, I'm glad they have fun and I have plenty of house stuff to keep me busy.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Cherry cobbler is just cherries in a pan

Weather: -8 but sunny

Yesterday we had a fairly busy day. I did house stuff til 1 and then talked to a friend from home for a while. Konrad and Lars got home and we went out to see Electra. So long as you expect very little from the movie it was ok. 'Good' Comic book characters seem to be really very one dimentional, and/or, have a tormented past. The bad guys always seem to have much cooler powers but are also fairly flat. I suppose the general 12 year old boy doesn't care. Anyway, rating this movie with it's super hero movie peers it is second to last. Last is the Hulk, then this, and the scale moves up from there. My top 3 are the X-Men, then Spider man, then Dare Devil ~ they at least have cool enough stories to move a movie... Anyway... We went out to eat then we went over to the neighbors with a cherry cobbler I made.

Side note and link to the title; The cobbler was very tasty and easy to make but I think it was really strange that all it contains is a can of cherries dumped in a glass pie dish with crumble topping on top! I always thought there was a bottom crust or something else but a pile of cherries is still very tasty.

We all played Texas Holdem poker and I didn't win one hand but thats ok, I just had bad cards. At midnight I left them all and went to bed - nice that they are just across the street- and Lars and Konrad got in at 5 am. The neighbors often stay up really late but I hope they still like us. The reason I know they got home at 5 is they had a loud conversation about how the toilet was about to overflow so I stayed asleep and figured they would deal with it. I don't see any disaster so it must have been ok.

Today I am going to FINALLY finish the closet and hopefully get Lars' stuff put away. At this point I need to post a pic to show what I've been working on!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Blogger rejected me yesterday

Mood: good
Weather: clear and sunny but -15

I wrote a looong narrative of my day of wasted time yesterday but in suit with the rest of the day, the 20 min typing turned out to be a waste of time because Blogger had error after error and nothing got published. In short, yesterday I had a drug test at 8:30am about 45 min away and at noon I needed to pick up Lars' friend Konrad at the airport - same direction as the apt but 20min further south east - so I obviously didn't want to go home inbetween. It was 4 hours where I killed time by grocery shopping with grandma's with babies, looking at various stores, waiting for an eyebrow apt and the woman never showed up so I left, talking on my cell phone in the car (coicendently melting the icecream in the grocery bag b/c I had the heat on... Wasn't quite thinking) and taking the senic route to the airport (ie slightly lost). In the end I was perfectly on time for the flight but it was not on time for me - 50min delay - so I found another salon, achieved pretty eyebrows, and shopped a dollar store. On a scale of 1-10 this dollar store was a 1, they really are usually so cool.... Anyway, I got Konrad, got home, visited with K while the guys worked out, and had a nice dinner. All in all not the worst way to spend my last free Friday but I would have liked to get a little more done!

today's plans are up in the air... All the guys want to see Electra and I want to start some garb or clean some~ We will see what happens.

Friday, January 14, 2005

For my last free Friday I was very busy killing time more or less. I had an 8:30 am drug test for the new job that was 45 min away and I had to get Konrad at the airport at 12 so it isn't worth going home inbetween so I figured I would grocery shop etc. I got to the testing facility and it is in the absolute getto of MN. You don't think it exists but this place is a strange mix of the Bronx and west VA, everything is dirty and falling down and scary looking dumb people are everywhere. I take the test because I have to but there isn't a chance in the world I am grocery shopping there. I set out to find civilization and get to an area I know and found one. I discovered that the only people shopping at 9am on a Friday morning are grandmas with babies but it was basically the fastest I have ever gotten through a grocery store ever. I was counting on killing an hour shopping and it only took 20min.... I wandered through some other stores, not many things are open at 9:30, so I went in search of an eyebrow wax. One store said there person would be there in 5 min so I wandered around the rest of the store (Ulta) and after examining basically everything, even the dull stuff, she hadn't turned up so I got bored of waiting and realized I had only killed 30 more min. I ended up talking to Konrads fiance on the phone in the parking lot. I finally figured it was time to go to the airport and that was no problem but after cruising around the loop for 10 min I called his fiance again and found out he was 50 min delayed. I went on a search for coffee and found a salon so I got the eyebrow wax I wanted before but at that point I wanted coffee more... It was 12:45 and I had yet to have any~ Still needed to waste some time so a perusal of a very sad family store yielded one set of tongs (new favorite kitchen utensil, great for flipping meat on a George Forman grill) but nothing else merited purchase. Sadly disappointing for a dollar store, they are usually very fun. Finally, Konrad calls and I collect him and by the time we get to the house and unpack the groceries and give Konrad the tour it's practically 4 o'clock! I have piddled away a day and all I have to show is a house guest, melty groceries, and nice eyebrows. The ironic thing about melty groceries is that is was -20 here today but since I was in the car so much they defrosted... Ok - enough rambling - dinner is just about ready.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Last day

It is my very last day and almost my last hour here. I'll miss the people but not the place. I will write more later but I have an exit interview and then I'm out of here!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Congratulations to the New American

You know who you are! When you get sworn in I guarantee that you will probably be the most American looking person in the room (including sponsors)

I'm sending you a present that now that you passed the tests you can read because before it would have messed you up.

Morning update

Mood: very tired, don't know why
Weather: gray and sloppy, 32 degrees but they say we are going to get 4 inches today and go to negative 20 on Friday.

I believe I forgot to mention that I decided to work hard (rather then slack off) to make sure my job can be done after I leave. I felt like my fingers were going to fall off I typed so many processes yesterday and I'm still not all done. I have someone coming in today so I can show her some of the more complicated reports and there was even a volunteer for one of the other functions I do.

We are having our first house guest! Lars' best friend is coming out for almost 2 weeks, arriving this Friday. I hope he doesn't mind the mess... Unpacking is slow going. We will soon have our second house guest - Another one of Lars' friends from NJ is visiting and yes, the visits overlap. The second friend is a bit more fussy then the first so I do need to get the house in order before he gets here.

As I said in the top section, they are predicting some bad weather so if it's crummy, I'm going home!

Driving miracle

Last night I drove home and did not hit one red light for all of route 5 (apx 15 lights) I just could not believe it. It took me 5 min to get to the highway when it usually takes about 15. I still ended up sitting in tons of 'nasty weather' traffic but it was a newsworthly drive.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Little Work Rant

Mood: flustered
Weather: snowy

Ok, I don't mean to rant but my list is getting long here

1. car fire (not my car) on the way to work = delay of 45min
2. the guy who usually distributes the faxes off the server is off all week, I am the only person with access therefore I get demoted to distributing faxes
3. Our primary work system is down, and has been for an hour
4. The share file I need to fill in by noon today is being 'used' so I can't update it *ironically* the guy occupying the file is the one who needs it for his 1pm meeting but there isn't any data and won't be til he gets out of my way (I have called and emailed him...)
5. Our long distance codes don't work
6. My review and raise were due in Oct but didn't get done til Jan, usually it isn't too much of a problem because they will do back pay to make up what one should have been getting. HOWEVER as of Jan 1 they don't do that anymore.

Thats it for now - thank goodness I'm only here for 2.7 more days

Monday, January 10, 2005

To work or not to work

Mood: good
Weather: gray with a hint of blue

I gave notice this morning and it went well. My current supervisor is a good ole boy and is more or less expecting it so no dramatics. I also spent 45min going over what I do (sadly he didn't have a clue but he has only 'managed' me for 2 weeks). I have a bunch of my regular Monday stuff to do but then I need to make the decision; do I work hard to make lists and directions so my job will be easy to move and do as much as possible before I go OR do the min necessary to finish my normal weeks work and then let them deal with the rest. It is a bit disheartening that there really isn't a person taking over, my duties will be either taken by one of the people still here or just plain old not done. I would be more inclined to do really good work if I knew it would carry on but I'm betting that it won't. I'll give it some thought... Obviously I'm not working now...

Flooring update - we are one box short!!! Actually we are about 4 boards short but you can't just get 4. The room is actually bigger then the measurements the previous owners gave me. Nice in general to have a bigger room but not when you are shipping flooring cross country. Oh well, Lars tries to remind me that it is a marathon not a sprint.

New craft that worked- I'm in an anti clutter kick and Jo-Anns had that 50% off sale so I got fancy boxes of various sizes. The cool craft is; get a box probably intended for a wine bottle and drill a hole in the back, I put the power strip I plug all the chargers into in it and plugged the box in. Now I have a nice decorative box that contains all the random chargers so they aren't a spaghetti mess all over the counter. The box is big enough to fit the phones and camera too for when they are charging. I did a similar thing in the bathroom with a smaller box for Lars' electric trimmer and razor (2 chargers). Now the chargers and their cords are nice and neat in a little box. I know I'm a geek to be happy over putting things in neat boxes but it really does add something to the room to see a pretty box rather then a mess.

ok, I will now work - some at least

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Report on Yesterday

Mood: waiting for my cell to charge so I can do errands
Weather: very gray

Since I am waiting for my cell phone to eat, here is what got done yesterday;

I could not make the gaps in the flooring go away so I took it apart and reassembled it being very careful to pound the ends together first, then hook the whole long length in. Please note, this is opposite to what the directions said to do but it looks alot better. There are still 2 noticeable gaps that I will try the stomp technique on and if that doesn't work I'm getting an area rug. I think the diligent directions are to keep contractors in business. Anyway, I got a few more rows done and I'm am half way done now. I must make the closet work today, the piles of clothing are driving me crazy. I need to build a few bracers and put in shelving but it should not take too long...

The floor might be more done by now but Lars and I went out to get me World of Warcraft, a big online game that he has been playing. Something in the 'can't beat them, join them' category because he loves the game and playing together makes spending time together easier. I made a fat little dwarf character, she is pretty cute and so far hasn't died. We also got a head set and a memory stick for our new camera. I can now talk over the internet and take more then 10 pictures.

Today I need to hit the Jo-Anns one day basket sale, every basket 50% off... Hopefully the store isn't mobbed and the basket I want is still there. I wish I remembered to plug the sill thing in yesterday!!! I must also do other errands including an experiment with the flex spending card - it has Lars' name on it but I'm going to try and use it. Might work, might not~

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Uploading house pictures

Mood: good
Weather: partly sunny

Well I know I'm behind on wedding pictures and house pictures so I'm trying to link it up. If I can't get a side bar link to work here is the direct link;

I'll be adding to it but these are all pre painting pictures so the dark purple room is now light blue and is getting the flooring done, the brown room is now green and is our computer room, the kitchen/dining area is now light yellow... I'll be adding more soon.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Comments are fixed and flooring is hard

I just reviewed my settings and found out that there was something messed up in the comment field. Now anyone can comment so feel free.

Flooring, I have done 4 rows and it tedious and the instructions were very non instructive. I've gotten better but I still have gaps at the ends of the boards. The 'instructions' say to tap lightly on the end, well that doesn't work if there is a WALL in the way so some of them are not meeting well. Molly the realtor said you need to stomp on it and sorta kick at the floor so the spaces close up... Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

Update on project move the cabinet from work; Lars borrowed a friends big big truck and we hoisted the thing in using the pallet mover from work. When we got home it was way too heavy to move so we had to disassemble it a bunch to get it up the stairs. Now it is dominating our living room but everything fits into it just fine and it looks nice. We got our friend a tank of gas for the beast so the total price is now $90 but I know it is worth way more.

Some friends and Lars and I all went out to dinner to celebrate my new job so now I will go digest and read. Tomorrow I hope to do more flooring and maybe complete last weeks goal of making the closet usable.

Got The Job

Mood: Happpppppy
Weather: fine, about 15 degrees so ok for here

They called this morning and offered it to me! They offered the bottom of my salary range but that is still above what I make now by 7k. Life is being nice to me, I'll be extra careful crossing the street today. Ok, off to do something about flooring.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

From Lars - Coconut

Sometimes Lars is bored - Replace any word in a famous quote with the word 'coconut' ....

"The first rule of coconut club is do not talk about coconut club."

"You want the coconut?! You can't handle the coconut!"

"I think we're gonna need a bigger coconut."

"Fo shizzle, ma coconizzle"

"There is no excellent coconut that hath not some strangeness in the
proportion." -Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

"A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine coconut every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and scientist (1749-1832)

"All you need in this life is ignorance and coconuts, and then success is sure. "-Mark Twain (1835-1910)

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue coconut - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red coconut - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my coconut. Prepare to die."

"What is this I see before me- a coconut, with it's handle turned towards me?"

"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the coconut"

"Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his coconuts. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his coconuts."

Do you want a list with them all?

Sorta heard from Polaris

Heard from Polaris HR that they are waiting on one guy who is offsite today. I suppose that counts as news, basically; don't worry, we are still working on it...

I coded!

Hey look! I figured out how to customize my code (a little). I have added links on the left to the blogs I like to read just in case you are bored you can read them too. The customizing part is more creative use of cut and paste because I wanted the title to say 'people I read' and that wasn't part of the prepackaged code so I found it elsewhere in the template and vola!

Hello Grandy! I just found out you read me too!

Updating on work would be useless because so far you can basically see the most productive thing I've done today. I actually do work, it just isn't fun. I am still waiting to know on Polaris...

No Managers today

Mood: fine
Weather: 0 degrees but they say the sun will be out today (it isn't up yet)

Observations for the morning

1. I pulled a neck muscle shivering - the wind chill was really really bad last night
2. Lime Mikes Hard Lemonade is good - I got it by accident (messy display) but it is better then lemon
3. I don't have any managers today, they have either quit or decided to work from a different location today BUT I can't leave because Lars will be here this afternoon to get the cabinet.
4. Someone purchased a used toilet seat on e-bay for $9 when a new one is about $15

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

An ode to boredom

I'm bored bored bored bored... Work is dull, weather is gray, I can't leave, and it is too quiet for me to call anyone because some people actually are here. I have read every blog, talked to everyone I like on-line, did all the work I needed to do, did my nails (just filing, can't do polish at work because of the smell), read the news, and now I am writing in the blog again.

Tonight I'm going to a local SCA meeting, I don't normally go but a friend wants to join and I'm not going to send her alone. That is why I must wait here because the alternative is sitting in my car outside her apartment and it is atleast bright in here. I got a new free calendar today, it ironically is all dull fish. I am serious, very dull monotone ugly fish - not a bright color in the bunch. I'm not putting it up~ hopefully I will not be here long enough to need 2005.

I am very glad this is a 3 day week, long days but only 3 of them. Oh, we have a plan to get the cabinet home. I'm still slightly mad it won't fit in the car but Lars will borrow a friends truck after work (friend lives near us), he will drive here, we will load it, and I will follow him home. He will then appreciate the drive I make twice a day ;)

five to five o'clock - I believe I will sit and read my book. I'm on a new one called the Wings of Morning and so far is it good but very sad. It is about a Scottish island where a large percentage of the babies die within 8 days of being born so thats the sad part. I hope it gets better over time.

I am not a toothpick

Never have I been described as a toothpick. I am reasonably thin, more or less your average size 6 and I do my best to work out in order to be toned. Anyway, this seems to be an issue in the bridal industry. Not an issue for wedding dresses, I was more or less off the rack so I should count my blessings but my dear friend who has two larger then me bridesmaids choose a mother of the bride dress (rather then a bridesmaids dress) that does not come in my size... It comes in many sizes larger and thats good because you can't make a dress bigger - I will now (since I verified that size 6 does not exist) make my dress smaller. I am in possession of a size 8 and it resembles a fancy sack so I will do my best. Oh, there are actually smaller sizes but all in petite sizes so midgets are allowed to be thin, tall people must be size 8 (and I'm talking a generous 8) or bigger.

I need to unpack the sewing machine....

Ps. I never thought there would be a day I would be too small for something

Good interview

Mood: happy
Weather: sorta sunny

My 9am interview went well in my opinion. The guy has a good plan for the purchasing department and he called me sharp and well informed. I take those as good signs. Anyway, it would be a good next step for me plus it is north by me so it will make my commute about 30min rather then an hour or more. They are also building a brand new facility that should be done in the spring that is only 10min or less from the house so that would be even better.

House news - nothing too new but the previous owners don't want to pay for the half broken washer (floods on one of the cycles). Our realtor wants us to do small claims but I don't think we need to be that mean. Also, the neighbor was good friends with them and is being very nice to us so I don't want to mess that up. I have been slow on doing the floor but it is in my plan for Thursday evening. I have the hardest part done with the angle cuts for the bay window so the rest is just getting to do it.

I am excited over the job prospect, hopefully they pick me!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Good news on the job front

Mood: good but tired
Weather: sunny and cold

I just got a call from Polaris. They would like a final phone interview with myself and the VP of purchasing but the HR rep says that I am the front runner. Provided my background check is cool (and it was good enough to be a teacher last year) and I don't mess up the final conversation they will likely offer the job. The weird thing is they keep asking for my current salary... I don't want to lie but I really work for way less then industry standard. I also have a feeling that the job they are offering is alot more work and at a higher level (yeah!) so I would hope to be paid fairly. I don't see why my current salary has anything to do with it.

fustration - the computer cabinet I 'won' (bid $50) is being a hassle. In the end it won't fit in my suv, I'm an inch to small at the door opening. The inside demention is fine its just the door. The guys here won't wiggle or force it so I need to go find a bigger truck. Maybe I can rent one for the day or Lars can rent one and come get it in the afternoon. It will work out somehow.

Monday, January 03, 2005


Dead mouse on the stairs! It is actually a cute little thing except for being dead on my stairs. Neither of the cats is interested in it so I can conclude that either cats don't care to brag or neither one killed it and it had a heart attack on the floor. So the body is in a baggy but I'm not sure what to do next... Trash day isn't for a week and if I throw it over our fence that is a neighbors yard. Maybe I will drive it to a convience store and dump it in there trash, they empty them daily.

morbid details; the small mouse appears to be in good health (plump) and apx 2 inches long. There appeared to be a puncture wound where I would assume a heart would be but no excessive mutilation. He was not yet stiff and I didn't touch him to know if he was cold.

I hope his friends take this as a warning if they live in our house and move it back out to the trees.

Monday off!

Mood: listless
Weather: might get sunny

I have today off!!! I should be more cheerful but I think the marathon cleaning we did yesterday has me aching. Sadly, the house I'm sitting in STILL needs cleaning~ We went back to the apt and got the remainder of our stuff and filled in holes and cleaned. I scrubbed so hard I don't' think I need an arm workout until next week. Part of my listlessness is probably due to odd eating schedule and not doing my regular exercising. You know I'm not sitting around eating bonbons but I think my body is used to getting it's run or two a week and 2 pilates. Maybe I'll do it today :)

Yesterday, after cleaning and hauling the stuff home, we went to IKEA because our chairs have been condemned. They haven't actually hurt anyone yet but I have them held together with packing tape, and they were free, and we got them 4 years ago, and when we got them they belonged to a little old lady so I'm sure they are twice my age, AND they have now moved 5 times so they are going to chair heaven. So we went to get 4 cheap chairs and we came home with 4 more expensive chairs, a pants rack (a prayer that clean cloths will keep off the floor), a cool mirror, a cake stand (mine broke) and 99 cent Christmas ornaments. There is soooooooo much more we could have gotten there but we must see how house bills compare to apt bills before we look at disposable income.

We did not get any flooring on the floor past the cork layer. We were too pooped after cleaning and shopping plus our neighbors called and asked us over to play cards. Lars says we are like the sims, trying to maintain 10 friendships at a time. We like our neighbors, we have east coast friends we try and keep in touch, family, local SCA friends and local good friends~ we are regular socialites at the moment.

Ok, goals for the day are assemble the chairs and make our walk in closet a closet, not just storage. I also may have a friend coming over to see the house so I will put on the good PJ's and try and neaten up.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Got this survey from a few places... Last night we watched Conen O'Brien do newyear for the midwest, not as fun as times square. We were at friends and there were games and nice munchies so low key but fun.

1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before?
Got engaged and married. Looked for, found, purchased, and moved into a real house. Visited ND (somehow missed the state before)

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions and willyou make more for next year? I think I resolved to have fun and exercise more. I did definitely exercise more then 2003 and plenty of fun.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Yes, friend had a baby in Oct

4. Did anyone close to you die? Thankfully, no.

5. What countries did you visit? We got close to Canada.... lots of US travel though

6. What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004? Interesting job, maybe 'grown up' furniture but I'm not really in a rush for that.

7. What date from 2004 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? Wedding, Crown, NS becoming a kingdom

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? House and wedding (not the marriage, that was basically something we grew into and are very comfortable with but the actual event of the wedding was an achievement)

9. What was your biggest failure? Lack of energy

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? Nope, it was a good one

11. What was the best thing you bought? George Forman grill was a gift but it truly is the best addition to the home in 2004.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? NorthShield pulling it all together, the whole 1st crown was awesome

13. Whose behavior made you appalled? Pemstar

14. Where did most of your money go? Rent, Food, living, airfare to east coast, wedding

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? Wedding and house

16. What song will always remind you of 2004? 'Just A little bit' - goo goo dolls remake

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:

I. Happier or sadder? Happier

ii. Thinner or fatter? The same -- better abs though

iii. Richer or poorer? The same, but money is now in assets (ring and house) rather then cash

18. What do you wish you'd done more of? Traveling, social things, exercise, scrolls

19. What do you wish you'd done less of? Sitting around

20. How did you spend Christmas? in MN with Lars, on the phone alot, and dinner with a friend and her rocken grandma

21. Did you fall in love in 2004? No, was already there

22. What was your favorite TV program? Gilmore Girls, West Wing

23. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? I developed a hate for Spin but she left the company so I don't really care about her anymore. I still hate the people on 'the list' no new permanent additions.

24. What was the best book you read 2004? Gunslinger series, there were 2 books this year!

25. What was your greatest musical discovery of 2004? Tools instrumental CD - not my discovery but I like it

26. What did you want and get? Married

27. What did you want and not get? An exciting well paid job - got close but no deal

28. What was your favorite film of this year? The Incredibles or Garden State

29. What did you do on your birthday? Read Dec 18 - I basically painted and talked to family and friends on the phone.

30. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Getting engaged - possibly more satifying then the wedding but I love being married.

31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004? I'm starting to acknowledge that I must upgrade for the next job but basically business casual and for casual - cute

32. Who kept you sane? Lars, Mom, and Bevie

33. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? Matt Damon

34. What political issue stirred you the most? Election

35. Who did you miss? All my east coast friends and family

36. Who was the best new person you met? Jen

37. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2004? Many stupid people work in the service industry. You need not be bright to work at a tux place, a hotel, the phone company, or a bank