Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Good interview

Mood: happy
Weather: sorta sunny

My 9am interview went well in my opinion. The guy has a good plan for the purchasing department and he called me sharp and well informed. I take those as good signs. Anyway, it would be a good next step for me plus it is north by me so it will make my commute about 30min rather then an hour or more. They are also building a brand new facility that should be done in the spring that is only 10min or less from the house so that would be even better.

House news - nothing too new but the previous owners don't want to pay for the half broken washer (floods on one of the cycles). Our realtor wants us to do small claims but I don't think we need to be that mean. Also, the neighbor was good friends with them and is being very nice to us so I don't want to mess that up. I have been slow on doing the floor but it is in my plan for Thursday evening. I have the hardest part done with the angle cuts for the bay window so the rest is just getting to do it.

I am excited over the job prospect, hopefully they pick me!

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