Thursday, February 03, 2005

Brief lull

Mood: good
Weather: even warmer today

I had to get here early because I had so many things to do first thing in the morning but now I'm waiting for people to get back to me therefore a lull. In the lull, I read blogs, probably something I should not do at work but I do it. Anyway, the VP of my department came to visit and today was one of the 'why-should-I-dress-well-when-everyone-else-wears-jeans' days but I'm at least wearing a nice sweater and gray jeans but not the normal two notches above. (Studies show the better you dress the better you are perceived and therefore advance. I'm doing ok I think.) So I am very glad that I am queen of alt-tab and when the VP looked at me I was looking at a complicated spread sheet. After he left we got a visit from the blueberry muffin fairy, always nice.

I didnot listen to the state of the union - I did post another 50 wedding pictures.
I also purchased tickets for the shower in Feb and wedding in March and 2 hotel reservations for Lars - expensive night


EowynsParlour said...

So where are the pictures...and I updated!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where are those wedding pictures? On your photo site on the left I can only see your house pictures. Cheers! ~ 8K