Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Doing 3 jobs now

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Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I know the 6 people who read wondered if the supplier conference I went to bored me to death and they had not gotten a funeral notice yet.... In reality, the conference was actually very good but it had VERY dull moments where I had to amuse myself with thinking out house projects. I did not get the ugly red shirt (in time, more later) so I wore a red turtle neck and stuck out a bit because my red was more pink. Anyway, by the time I got home and did a few work e-mails I was so tired I went to sleep. I woke up long enough to pay some bills and watch a little TV (gilmore girls!) and play some World of Warcraft with Lars who has been wanting me to play for weeks. Therefore, no post.

I am posting at lunch at my desk because I can't leave because there are 3 different projects that are very urgent that I need to keep on top of. I have my outlook window open so if I get something I'll know but I just can't leave. Funny story time... I got the ugly red shirt for yesterday this morning, they mailed it to the wrong facility and they had to resend. That isn't the funny part. Since I am new and they don't have any room, I'm sitting at the worlds smallest desk in a back area of the building. I didn't have room for the ugly red shirt since worlds smallest desk + 3 different projects = zero space so I tossed it up onto the overhead cabinets. The ugly red shirt slid (100% polyester will do that) over the cabinet top and has fallen behind the cube wall. I can't get it because I'm connected to a few cube walls on either side so I might need to fish for it.... I can see it through the cord panel at the bottom of the wall but I can't get to it. So that is the funny part - well- it amuses me at least :)

I have not updated on the floor project. We had some trouble and we are paused until the weekend, we didn't have the right screws to put the sills on and there is one piece cut wrong we need to replace. Someday I'll have a picture to share.

8k, I don't have your e-mail but a good lunch for under $3 is budget gourmet - it is in the frozen food section. I recommend all the pasta dishes especially the Swedish mothballs. Michilianas is usually right next to Budget gourmet and they are good too - they are actually both made by the same company. Usually they are about 1.50 or less and are often on sale for 4 for $5. I eat one and a piece of fruit and a soda and I'm good until dinner.

Time to get back to work, it is a good busy though.

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