Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Doing battle!

Ok, it is a war of wills... I am calling all the companies I need to argue with tonight
1. Old apt building - we got an electric bill for and empty apt we don't live in....
2. Direct TV - they pulled wires out of the wall and installed one of our receivers in a closet... I want them to come and fix it
3. Qwest the phone company - we were supposed to get a 'free' dvd player with the purchase of our TV/Phone system and I haven't heard about it yet - I'll get to the bottom of it
4. Quest again - 50% of the jacks in our house don't seem to work and we have line insurance so I'm going to see if they fix that sort of thing.
5. Royal bath towels - we got these as a wedding gift and they are super soft and fairly expensive and they are falling apart *badly* my k-mart towel from 5 years ago looks better, I'm not sure what my call to them will do but I will tell them their product is shoddy

I hope to win them all - let you know later

8k! I'll need to call in for your dinner, send me times :)

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Anonymous said...

Anytime after 7:30 should be good. So far it looks like a low turn-out. Thus far only 80's and Gary have RSVP'ed in the positive. Of course myself, Kate, and Becky will also be there. I'm hoping some more out of the way people like Snow, Jamil, and Dell'Osa brothers will show up. We'll see.