Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Finally, a correctly busy day

Mood: good
Weather: gray and cold

Today is the first day that hasn't had insane busy spots or tedious dull spots. I'm starting to get control of my areas and people more or less leave me to it. At some point soon I will need to start visiting vendors, a new adventure.

Today is also ash Wednesday. God will have to understand that I don't know where any churches are but I'll do what I can. I'm sure my family in NY all went to church

Tomorrow is going to be a super long day. I am going to the production facility Waaaaay up north (almost in Canada) to see the production line and to meet the team members up there. I will also get a snow mobile lesson, we will have to see how that goes. The long part about it is that I need to be at the airport at 6am and I don't get back until almost 8pm. I hope to sleep on the plane. It is pretty cool though to fly on a private company plane and to get to snowmobile on company time.

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