Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm back

Mood: fine
Weather: snowed again but now it stopped

Wow, almost a whole week! Well number one, training is over but I had to catch up on the actual work I needed to do all week so last week was pretty busy. Hopefully this coming week will be more normal work wise. Wednesday night I'm going to NY for a friends bridal shower/battchrarette party and while I'm there I am going to see friends and family and go skiing (if they have snow). It will be a busy busy trip but hopefully fun. Lars is staying home so I'm sure it will be video games nonstop.

Yesterday I went house hunting with friend here. We looked at 5 houses in very cute urban neighborhoods but all the houses had at least one tragic flaw. One house looked great from the outside but when you went in the front door there was a VERY noticeable slope to the floor. You actually felt yourself going down or up hill depending on the part of the house. In the basement, there was a crater so I think the house is on a sink hole. None of the furniture was level, it was a very weird house and I don't think anyone will buy it unless they plan on rebuilding the entire thing.

I am still trying to get the house in shape, I'm getting closer. Today I think I'm going to tackle the next painting task in the kitchen. We are also looking at buying an elliptical machine so that is on today's adjenda too.

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