Sunday, February 06, 2005

So much to do, don't know where to start

Mood: morningish
Weather: gray but in the 50's

I miss having 3 day weekends, not enough time now! I have to decide where to start today and what to do, I have alot of options....

I could go for many small projects, mostly cleaning and organizing around the place but it is not really a big impact sort of thing but there are so many little things it will take all day

I could try to complete the big room project! one last bored to recut (couldn't live with the messed up one that is there at the moment, it looks like a drunk monkey cut it... not only is the cut wiggly, it is too short so there is a gap). Then there is putting back the molding, puttying over holes, putting the other 2 thresholds in, covering up the blue paint on the ceiling with white paint, cleaning the room, and moving in... I'm not sure I could actually finish that today

I also could be lazy - read my book, play computer games, and maybe tidy some more (already did the kitchen).

Three choices~ one day....

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