Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday

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Weather: chance of rain

Yesterday went very well. I did an operation on my bed frame to make it more stable, an upgrade from bed version 2.0 to bed 2.5. The first bolt took forever (10 min?) and the next three went progressively faster so on average it took about 2 min a piece, almost dad speed. I also put together the bed and moved all our stuff into the new room! It still needs accessories and today I need to finish moving our clothing into the closet but we finally slept in the master bedroom after only 2 months of homeownership.

I called in to my friends dinner party, it was like one stop friend talking. I'll call ya later 8k, I get free weekend min and I kinda thought you would be busy cooking when I called. I miss my college friends but I also like my new friends and some are just about as crazy as college. For example, at 11pm when I was looking at curtain designs online (vast amounts of ugly mostly) and Lars was playing a computer game the phone rings. It could either be a family emergency or a wrong number but I answer anyway. It is our across the street neighbors who we hang out to play games with every other week or so and they want to know if we want to come over. Never since college is calling at 11 to invite people over cool but this paticular weekend we were wide awake and went over. Next random thing, our neighbor gets a wrong number and to mess with the guy he says 'Sure, Joe is right here' and hands the phone to Lars. Lars strings this guy along talking in a Napoleon Dynamite voice and the dude was looking for drugs and Lars got rid of him by saying we didn't have anything. Neighbor M decides to call back the wrong number and mess with them more by saying 'Joe' was holding out, that we had tons of stuff (all in a crazy stoned voice), laughed maniacally, then hung up on the guy. It was a very random even but interesting. We played games til 3am then went home, very college like.

Today I must must must make curtains because the fabric is taking up too much room on my table.

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