Monday, February 07, 2005

What I'm reading

I realize I haven't shared what I'm reading in a while! I am half way through The Stand by Stephen King and enjoying it a lot. I have been trying to read this book for almost a year but the local libraries never had it. I broke down and ordered it 7 months ago from Amazon BUT I mailed the order to my moms house by accident... So, Mom mailed the other books but kept the Stand to read. She finished the book but then my sister borrowed it when she was visiting mom (sister lives in OK) and she took it home with her. THEN she went for militalry training and when she got back she mailed the book to me. I started it about 2 weeks ago and it was worth the 6 month wait :)

I am also listening to 'The Runaway Jury' by John Gresham and it is very well done. I listen to books on tape while I run or clean so it encourages me to do run more. I am almost done with it and I'm still not 100% sure what the mole on the jury will do, he has a great scam going and it could go either way. I highly recommend this if you like law, it is like reading a very interesting case file on tobacco litigation.

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