Tuesday, March 08, 2005

blogging about bloggin

Mood: fine
Weather: ok but cold again

I just read all my favorite reads (to the left) and on blog of the day I found a link to a few interesting Blogs. There is a guy who is studying blogs, there is a blog in the whitehouse (added the link) and there is apparently an A list of blogs but I can't find the list of A lists so I didn't read any to know if they are good or bad. I personally think of blogs as a never ending books and I get hooked on the story. My friends think I'm odd for liking to read about other peoples lives but I do so alllll the time when reading fiction but those stories end and then you miss the characters. My friends also wonder about the possibility of stalkers... I think that unless I blog about a winning million dollar lotto ticket I'm reasonably safe. To that point, how do the A list bloggers like so many people reading about them? I have a counter so I know there are about 6 or 7 people who read me and I think I know who everyone is, only one mystery from Kansas. I suppose that makes me an x list blogger :)

So I have a request, post a comment or send me an E-mail so I have a real number of who is reading and from where~

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