Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Do my cats want more attention?

Mood: fine
Weather: sunny but cold, got a dusting of snow in the morning but now its gone

I think I need to incorporate MPats idea of high and low of the day... Maybe I'll add it to my template. Today's High so far was handling 4 or 5 projects all at the same time and getting them done before it was time to go - Low; my non motivation to cook anything.

As for my title, my cats seem to follow me and if I sit for more then a second they sit on my lap. I feel bad getting up but I have things to do~ I discovered my monkey fabric does not block the light so sewing on hold til I can get some liner fabric. My super cool shower curtain arrived today, it is clear with maps all over it - I'm a tad disappointed that the maps need to be on the outside, they would be way more fun on the inside so I can be entertained/learning while showering.

ok, I'm going to continue to watch girlie tv and finish the favors for the wedding next week. These things are taking forever! I also need to alter my dress so I should go do rather then sit and type :)

ps. My friend just called and I think she is going to visit! she would be my first friend from home to see MN and I'm very excited.

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