Thursday, March 31, 2005

a week away~

Mood: sleepy
Weather: 60's

Wow, a whole week! I blog in my head if that helps anyone.

We are back from traveling and there were funny moments but nothing really rocked the world. I ended up in a fairly bad mood by the end half because I could finally express the pent up stress of the weekend and then it got worse when my wedding cake (frozen in a box) became the bane of traveling. It wouldn't fit upright through the x-ray machine and the big fat guy in charge was trying to say he had to confiscate it, probably because he wanted to eat it since I said it was cake. We convinced them to turn it sideways and scan it and it worked finally but at the expense of my last thread of patience for traveling. The plane after that was just as 'fun' because the cake did not fit in any way shape or form and we had to battle the team of stewardesses to get it put somewhere safe.

As for highlights of the weekend;
mocking the ugly clothing people feel free to travel in - PJ's are for home
Seeing lots of friends and family
having my hair do turn out really well - first time I have ever tried to do something fancy with short hair
The pretty place the wedding was held - if I had time to relax the remainder of the wedding may have been fun
Swing Dancing wit Val
watching the 1 year old Easter egg hunt
and eating good pizza

pukeing wedding guests
almost getting in multiple car accidents with bridezilla
random unnecessary drama from wedding guests that didn't like eachother
sleeping on the sofa bed (no offence to parents who read this) - it wasn't bad but really, can't Nade share a room with her own kid ;)
and the afore mentioned cake incident

Overall it was a good visit, we even got invited to a cool thing in FL but we can't go because we already have plans for that weekend. Work has been busy, catching up and trying to get new stuff done.

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