Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday again

Mood: good
Weather: very rainy

Another Monday Update~

Happy Mothers day to my mom and sister. I talked to Mom yesterday and sent a card and since I'm not a mom that was the end of my mothers day activities. This weekend I kicked into 'get ready for crown' gear. I have one week, less now that it is Monday, to get everything ready. I am thinking of asking for a half day on Friday just so we won't be rushed getting to the event. I shopped for fabric with a friend on Sat and started a new dress and underdress and got mostly done with both. Hopefully tonight I can finish the detail work and get Lars' tunic too - all his needs is a fix. I have finished the larger part of the project for crown entry, I still need to finish the booklet I'm planning and bake cookies. I keep remembering things I want to add to my packing list and e-mailling my home address with one word messages. So in one week I will know if I have every weekend for a year planned for me or if I retain freedom ;) Can you tell this is all that is on my mind? I actually am doing other things. I am still working with the roofer - his crew of Mexicans dropped shingles (with nails) on our hot tub and in my opinion they are responsible for it. It has a dent and is slowly filling with water so it is shot. I'll work it out eventually. I am also contemplating buying a mower, our lawn is starting to be wild kingdom like and no neighborhood kid has put up lawn work flyers or anything. Oh, for the record, the raspberry bushes have lots of leaves on them so they are alive, and the displaced tree still appears green and springy so I think it is alive too. Ok, enough updating, if I keep going I will degenerate into a list of things to do and pack this week.

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