Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sick Kitty worries

Mood: anxious
Weather: gray and 60's but they predict a sunny weekend

Well my big news is that my cat Mr. Pink is sick but I didn't want to post about it until I talked to my Dad (the vet) before he read about it. The cat has done this before, ate something that creates a blockage and then he is miserable because nothing is going through him. I got him the finest in kitty laxative and we are forcing him to eat it (and he really hates it). He looks like he is hung over, all scruffy and glassy eyed and he doesn't like moving. The hangover look is not helped by the fact that he chooses to curl up under the toilet by preference. The sick cat may come with us this weekend if he isn't better by Friday because I would not like to come home to a dead cat. In slightly better news, I finished all the sewing and I'm almost done with the other projects for the bag. I still need to make cookies on Thursday night and pack but if cookies don't get made it isn't a big deal. Tonight I hope to finish projects and clean and maybe start packing so that Thursday I can bake and relax. 3 and a half more days before I know if we are the next prince and princess of Northshield.

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