Thursday, May 12, 2005

Suicidal Mr Pink uses 2nd life of 9

Mood: not so bad
Weather: raining, again, damn grass is going to grow more

The suicidal Mr. Pink may be recovering. After a suggestion from my long distance vet we checked under his tongue and the thread was stuck under there. That procedure was pretty gross and reaffirmed my decision not to go into veterinary medicine. We even have a well behaved cat who lets me cut his nails and has suffered through yucky smelling medicine being shoved in his mouth but having his tongue healed out was too much for him. Anyway, he is looking more normal and walking around he just has to poop out the string in the next day or he has to go to the hospital.

Last night I super cleaned to make sure there was no thread around to eat and to clean the smell of cat puke/tuna/medicine out of the house. Lars even pitched in, I think he just was trying not to get steamrolled or have me get mad because he wasn't helping so he volunteered to do kitty litter, his computer area and vacuumed the upstairs. He also got puke clean up duty and that earns major points. Mr. Pink likes to walk while puking, I don't know why, but we have been taking turns scrubbing carpet and floors. As a result, the house is reasonably clean and tidy and that is nice all on it's own.

I didn't manage to do any project work for crown but I did start assembling stuff to pack and since I cleaned yesterday today I can glue my book together tonight.

everyone cross fingers for a swift string elimination so we can go to crown with peace of mind....

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