Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tired Tuesday

Mood: tired
Weather: rainy - will be all week

Two days into our training week and I am learning alot about our product but it sure is tiring. I was here at 6 am this morning and I didn't leave yesterday until 8. It is only one week so it should not be a problem. I am behind again in cleaning since the weekend and not having a normal schedule but hopefully tonight I can catch up, I don't know how Lars creates so much laundry~ crow*n is still on our minds, wondering if it is worth doing next time or not.
This weekend I am helping a friend move and if it is a nice weekend I want to see about renting a power washer to wash the deck so it can be painted. Next weekend I want to hit the flea market (just opened in May) to see if I can find any decent patio furniture. We just got a BBQ so soon we will be set.

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