Friday, May 27, 2005

week in review

Mood: good
Weather: raining, still, and might forever

So Dad wonders where I have been... I haven't posted in a week. The biggest reason that I haven't posted is that I have had lunch meetings or gone out to lunch almost every day and that's when I usually post. I'm actually meeting Lars for lunch today so this one will be relatively short.

Last weekend was busy, Sat morning early I went to help a friend move and it was alternating raining or super hot/sunny so it was an interesting move but went very quickly and on schedule. I had to leave to get to a friends kids birthday party and I when I left only left a few things were still in the truck and she had 4 other people. So the birthday party was at a farm that had tons of animals including peacocks (that displayed for us) and llamas and highland cattle. They also had baby goats and sheep and bunnies and kittens so it was a hit with the kids and I had fun too. The party part was sorta lame, the mom that was in charge is not party planning savvy but in the end there was cake and presents and we left and went to lunch **note to party planning moms, if you plan you party 45 min from civilization to start at 1 and end at 3 people may want food... to avoid feeding people have the party start at 3!**

Sunday I was looking forward to going to the flea market in Hinckley and it ended up being really small and full of dollar store junk, not worth the time. We went to the casino down the road and I won 115 dollars at the first slot machine I tried in the first 5min I was there. Lars wanted to play Texas Poker so he was going to stay a few hours so I cashed in my money, played about $20 on misc fun looking slots for about an hour and went to the car to read my book. It was a decent book and I finished it and went in to find Lars who was up about $30 total and we went home. Decently fun afternoon but I'm still in need of patio furniture.

Over the week I got asked to do a few important projects, plus my normal work, I ended up really busy. On Tuesday I went to the Kholes 30-70% off sale with a friend and we shopped until 9 at night (went at 5) I was getting light headed by the end, all the shopping and no eating :) Wednesday was clogging, I missed last week because of work but we were learning a new song so I caught up pretty quickly. Our class is an odd mix of real beginners and people who must be retaking the class because they know more then normal, and absolute experts because their class is after ours so they jump in on the songs they like but they don't do just the basic steps, they do all sorts of fancy extra stuff that gets confusing to watch. I just signed up for the second 10 half where the same group just keeps going with beginners 2 and next fall we all graduate to the advanced class.

Yesterday Lars and I shopped for another kids party this weekend and looked at the flowers and supplies at home depot, I hope to build my flower boxes this weekend.

Other then that, it has been an uneventful week.

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