Sunday, May 29, 2005


Mood: fine
Weather: actually stopped raining!

Yesterday Lars went to an event and I stayed home since it was primarily a fighting event, it was drizzly, and I'm still not in the mood to talk about crown politely in public. So I did more plans for my windowboxes, I have the plans pretty set now, and I unpacked all the remaining boxes in the lower level. I also did 4 loads of laundry and put away everything except socks and underwear because I still have to fold them. It was a nice quiet day, I wish I got more done but I got more done then if I had gone to the event.

Today was a good friends little girls birthday party. We have a string of friends kids birthday parties in the summer, hopefully when we have kids they will come to our parties. By then all their kids will be older but I'm sure it will work out. Anyway, there was a pony ride referred to as 'the surprise' because if it rained it would be canceled and it was easier for it to be a surprise then not happen and be a disappointment. It almost didn't happen anyway because the horse girl got lost and was an hour late but the kids love it and I got a ride too. The pony didn't mind at all, I guess her weight limit is pretty high. The Mom of the day rode too but no other adults. Another friend with an 8 month old put the baby on the horse and all she wanted to do was eat the saddle and they walked around a little circle. After the party we went to IKEA to buy 2 more chairs and a patio table, it was fairly easy until we saw the table didn't fit in the truck so we had to tie the gate down. Having the back gate open all the way home is really loud but we made it fine. We will hopefully powerwash and repaint the deck next weekend and be able to use it a bunch this year.

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