Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Book meme

Ok - one more thing. I read someone elses meme to (their answers to a list of questions)earlier today and they said they only owned 27 books ever including textbooks. I actively try NOT to accumulate books by using the library and borrowing from friends but I think I currently own at least 200 books and have in my life owned and given away tons more. I hate to think how many books my parents or grandparents own or have owned. I think I have purchased over 20 books just for school for one year - this person leads either a very sad or a dedicated to minimalism life.


Merouda said...

Hi, Mary.

I noted that you keep hitting the May archive in my blog; I thought I'd mention that you've got the tag for the archive rather than the tag for the recent journal on your reading list.

I know that's kind of presumptuous to presume you don't mean to do that, but I'm also not so insanely conceited as to imagine that May's entries are worth reading again and again. :-)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

My stepson, Michael, 37, is dyslexic, and of an educational generation that didn't deal with it very well.

I doubt that he owns 27 books.

That doesn't fault your comment, but there can be reasons.

Janis Gore

Kate said...

Ok, thats a good reason. I suppose there are more reasons too but I still feel bad for people who don't enjoy reading.