Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Incomplete thoughts

I intended today to write about the following topics of interest but since it is late I won't get to them. Here are my mini thoughts

1. Barbara Walters and her antibrest feeding comments and the resulting feed-in. I am conflicted on the issue, I personally would not want to eat under a blanket but I'm not sure I'm into too much flagrant displays of overly public feedings. Either way the discussion on the radio this morning about it just attracted the morons of society to call in and use their freedom of speech...

2. It's the solstice - don't even know how I actually remembered but I did and mentioned it to some coworkers. One got the general idea that it is a holiday that we miss by not being pagan and the other totally didn't get it. It's an odd thing to try and explain at work and not sound nutty. I blame my mother for my overly broad understanding of multiple religions ;)

3. My saw now runs - the child safety was stuck and is not fixed - but I can't seem to 'tune' it correctly. The directions are vague but it cuts crooked. I could do that by myself, this tool is supposed to help.

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