Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lars' Birthday is today


Happy Birthday to Lars!!!

Today he 28 and I have known him for 5 and a half years. At lunch today I need to run to target to get presents. I tried to shop on Monday and I wanted to get either the XFM radio or a Flat panel monitor. One might wonder how one tries (and fails) to shop. Well, I went to Best Buy and since I was in high heels and just came from a long meeting that required alot of walking (plant tour) I went to the closest display first. XFM radio has alot of options, and the sales man who resembled an annoying gnome started talking non stop about the different systems. Problem with his style is that he didn't seem to know more that what I could read on the package and totally didn't understand my technical questions. He followed me around and I tried to politely loose him but he insisted in a low slope of the bell curve way that he could help me with anything. I even said 'well let me just read these here for a few minutes he leaned against the display and would not leave. He annoyed me sooooo much that I had no option but to leave to get rid of him. I sprinted through the torrents of rain (in a silk shirt that was getting water spots and heels) and got to the car and was fending off a headache when I drove away. I got all the way to the highway and remembered I didn't even get to the flat panel monitors! I was not going back, even though I know the stupid gnome could not see over the displays and leach onto me I was not going to risk it again.

Lars bought himself a bunch of computer accessories yesterday and I told him I was wrapping them up so anything I get at Target is extra since he already has what he wants.

The inlaws arrive today at apx 7:30. I have dance class so I won't be home yet but the house is reasonably clean and if I make the bed before I go to class tonight we should look pretty put together. I'm picking up the cake after work and I have no clue what to do for dinner, we had pizza last night because I cleaned the kitchen and I didn't want to mess it up.

Updates later - and possibly hair pictures, I need to get out the camera anyway.

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