Friday, June 03, 2005

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Well, Since I got a link from 8K I better well produce a post! My lack of posts over the last few days has not, for once, been because I've been busy. I am busy but I have spent/wasted plenty of time playing Squeshies or Pop-it. My recent block is because Lars commented that my Blog isn't funny and I replied that it really isn't supposed to be but it made me not want to post my mundane daily adventures. In thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that the 10 people who read are mostly family and friends that are more or less getting the basics so that when we actually talk we can skip the 'I powerwashed the deck' or 'I got a bunch of stuff at Kholes on sale' and go to more details or more interesting stuff. I also don't really have a rock star life, I don't have kids that do funny stuff, I think posting too much about my cats will bore everyone, I don't want to turn my blog into a gripe session about Lars or SCA or something because those comments would be out of context and generally I'm happy with Lars and don't give too much mind to SCA. I can't talk about work because a. details of my job are slightly privileged, and b. not very interesting, and c. what happens at work stays at work - these people disserve some privacy and although most of my coworkers are absolute characters I don't really want to write about them because it would be like talking about them behind their back to an unknown audence. I want to keep a PG level of writing because there is enough porn on the internet and my parents are the #1 readers - I'm sure they have 'ideas' but I don't need to draw a picture.

So, a big long paragraph of things I don't want to or can't write about. If I had tons of time I would write more humorous observations or my reactions to news stories - maybe I will someday. That brings me back around to my mundane list of events over the past few days and what I plan on doing this weekend ~

The window box project is still in a holding pattern. We have the stuff and I bought a radial arm saw from a coworker so now I can (hopefully) make straight cuts. This isn't rocket science but it sure is taking a long time! The radial arm saw is from about 1985 and I found out last night that they were deemed extremely dangerous so I'll be extra careful and keep my fingers away from it. I really want to finish the boxes this weekend but it might not happen.

Yesterday I got a speeding ticket in a speed trap less then a mile from my work where the speed limit goes from 55 to 30 but then it goes back to 55. The town is not pleased that my work bought a huge chunk of land, including a chunk of road (now gated so regular citizens can't cruse through) and increased the value of the town thus creating the need to move to a sewer system and increasing the taxes. That really is simplifying the issue but basically they didn't want us here and now make it pretty miserable by setting speed traps. The cop had me sitting waiting for him for 25 min while about 50 cars with people I work with drove by so I was a minor celebrity by the time I got to work. The cop was actually in the lobby today when I was collecting some suppliers for a meeting. He was there because there was some gate alarm and he had to come check it out but he looked at me with that 'I sorta recognize you' look and I didn't give him the time of day. I wish I could get back at him better but in my mind he now just saw me colleting 5 people in business suits who were all trying to impress me while he got ignored and had to stand all awkward on the side. Hey, he picked his job, there are more hated jobs like oral surgeons and IRS people but he has to live with his choice.

This weekend I'm going to rent a power/pressure washer to blast the gack off our deck so we can paint. I doubt it will be dry enough by Sunday to paint but hopefully Monday we can start (and Sunday I'll make window boxes?). If I have time and I'm not completely disgusting from powerwashing a deck I want to take the washer to our front porch area, there is a tiny hornets nest there I think I'll try drowning but the porch is just sorta grungy looking from the winter etc. if I get really ambitious I might paint the porch trim too (white) but that is lower on the list. The closest Home Despot that has a rental center is 20 min away but that isn't so bad - think about me at 8 am Sat blasting away...

Everything else is pretty normal. We BBQed with our neighbors yesterday, I successfully remembered to put a crock pot meal in on Wed morning so wed night after dance I didn't need to cook. We found a decent local butcher who became Lars' instant friend when they gave him a free spicy beef stick... they also have pretty cool stuffed chicken breasts, stuffed with cheese and veggies etc that you bake for 40min and they are done, we had that on Tuesday and was very successful. I'm back on a fairly normal exercise routine 4 times a week plus dance class. The only real spot I'm currently be un-outgoing on is SCA scribal work and that is mostly because we only get 1 week notice to do a scroll and I like a little more time.

Well that is it in a nutshell - if you want more details call me~

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