Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mood: normal
Weather: hazy

Since Monday I have done pretty much nothing out of the ordinary... I am becoming less spastic at my dance class, maybe dancing at top speed in a 90 degree room makes me better. We have had a storm every day so my poor naked deck is getting daily baths - I need 3 sunny days to let it dry and paint it but the weather is not agreeing. Today (so far) it has not rained and it last rained yesterday morning so if I make it until tomorrow afternoon it should be dry.

I finished a decent book 'Still Lake' a murder mystery that I figured out in the first 20 pages but it was a fun story anyway. I'll probably pass it on, no need to keep predictable books around that I don't plan on re-reading. I bought 5 used books, all a dollar or less last weekend so I am set for at least another 2 weeks. I got Icebound by Dean Koontz, Kujo by Stephen King, a Mary Higgans Clark, and a random renaissance setting romance novel.

The hot tub is still giving me chemical balance issues, last time I took practically a whole day adding 8oz every hour (8 times) to get the Ph correct. This time I have been trying to do it after work and I end up forgetting after 2 doses but as of last night I had given it 8 doses and it was still too high - hopefully today it will have settled.

Tonight I am baking a fancy cake for a friends birthday, I hope it turns out well...

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