Monday, June 13, 2005

My week is booked!

Mood: good
Weather: looks like rain

I am currently procrastinating exercising. I know I should just get it done but I ate too many chocolate chips and now my stomach hurts on top of it all. I didn't get any time today at lunch to write my weekend update so here it is;

Friday I assembled the cake, it went through some very bad moments because the frosting didn't like it being hot out. I put a ton of chopped hazelnuts around the edges and that seemed to hold it together for a while. I decorated the top with chocolate dipped apricots and for about 5 min it looked ok. Car trip didn't help, then it sorta oozed toward the table at Kathy's. In the end it tasted really good and everyone liked it so that worked. We went to dinner at Applebees, I think I've memorized the menu, but they have good burgers. Sat I got a ton of cleaning done, all the laundry, and I went through all my clothes and got rid of about half - nothing I actually wear with any frequency but I have been hoarding clothing for years. I kept telling myself that I don't need suits, someone needs them more then me, I have not worn it in years and it might not fit. When I upgraded my work wardrobe I promised to give a bunch away and I'm finally doing it. Sunday I finished putting the saw together but in the end it didn't work. It took me hours to assemble because things made in 1985 must not have required complete directions. I looked at the picture, the pieces, the directions, the other book of diagrams/part guide and used logic and got it done eventually. I was very disappointed that pushing the start button does nothing. The guy I bought it from said he will either fix it or give me my money back.

In case anyone was wondering, the hottub is back to perfect, finally got enough pH negative in. I don't know how regular water can be so out of wack but now we are good again.

This week will be very busy. I'm taking a purchasing class tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday I have 3 meetings scheduled plus I'll need to catch up from the two days out. I'm sure it won't be too big a problem just meant I'll be busy. Next week I need to get a haircut and I'm thinking of getting some highlights too. I also need to clean since Lars' family will be coming on the 29th (Lars' birthday). The house really isn't bad at all but I'm not pleased with the livingroom arrangement, something just isn't flowing right.

Ok, I'm done for now and off to work out

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