Monday, June 20, 2005

We had 4 sunny days in a row!

Mood: good
Weather: raining again but I got my 4 days

Yes, the weather man said it would be sunny - no rain - for 4 days last week. I didn't want to mention it and jinx it but it actually happened!!! We were supposed to go to an event in Kansas City but this type of forecast doesn't come around that often and the deck needed paint. Even Lars stayed (don't know if it was guilt or pity) because I was going to do this deck by myself if necessary. 2 friends ended up coming to help and it took about 5 hours but it is a very nice pale blue gray. We noticed that the last people who painted neglected the outside of the raining, Jen and I hung over the rails and painted upsidedown to make sure we were not guilty of the same painting crime. We ran out of paint just before we got the final details done but I can touch that up this week, I'm just happy the majority is now done.

I need to talk about my cats now... Skip this paragraph if you don't like cat babble. Jingles our 'smarter' cat (a very relative term in the world of cats) was good most of the painting day but we locked her in when we were doing the floor part. She wanted out soooo badly to see what we were doing that she dodged past all of us and ran onto the paint. She got blue feet and tail for her trouble and decided to stay inside for the rest of the night. Sunday she was a bad cat. She wanted all my attention and no matter how much I pet her she kept bumping her head into my hands or elbows, she bumped me right while I was pouring milk even. She is usually good about sitting on my lap at the computer and so I didn't mind when she jumped on my desk BUT she knocked over my fresh coffee all over my pile of just paid, sealed, and stamped bills. I hung them up to dry but the electric, equity payment, and credit card people will have to deal with coffee stained bills. Last piece of cat news - they killed another mouse. This one was outside and they placed it delicately on the path for me to find. I complimented them on their kill and when the weren't looking I tossed it over the back fence into the marsh.

This weekend we had vague plans to go to Thunder Bay for an event but Lars has a poker tournment that he won the $100 entry to by winning another game - if he wins this he wins a free seat at one of the huge prize tournments in Atlantic City. We were also invited to a christening and it is my works open house. I also need to start on house work to tidy before Lars' family arrives. I rearranged the living room and it is way better now - I'll I need is just a general cleaning and to do a load of towels.

Work seems to be back to a normalish level so maybe more posts this week

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