Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend and Rant

Mood: good
Weather: thunder storm this morning, hail, now sun... You never know whats next

Weekend update; It got hot and sticky enough that we have turned on the air to 80 and it is very nice in the house. I started cleaning all the parts of the house that won't get too messy again by Wednesday. Lars did an awesome job on the fridge and we did all the shopping. We set up the deck furniture and the umbrella is broken so we need to exchange it at IKEA before people arrive Wednesday. Friday night we went to a new store village, it is a bunch of stores that are basically in a fancy strip mall but they have very cool European feeling store fronts that make it feel like you are in a town. There was one store that attracted our attention, it was called; A Feast for Him. What do you think is in a store like that? We thought fancy mens wear or food that would appeal mostly to men (hotsause and beef jerky?) - it ended up being closed and there wasn't any store front so we went in the store next door and shopped a little and asked them.... It turns out that it is a cult. So now cults have offices in cool looking strip malls, whats next.

Rant; Today Lars sent me this link; . If you click on it I'm sure you will be as mad as Lars and I are about who is on the list and who is missing. The ones that really do belong are cheepend by the others, like Dr. Phil. As far as I can tell this was completely non scientific and whoever wrote it took alot of drugs. Then there are those that are great people but how did they make America great? We are definitely missing the medical field and most of the woman's rights movement, and they don't even have Alan Greenspan? Lars has way more rant and I told him he could post to my blog so the 12 people who read can see it.

Today I have a supplier meeting offsite at 1 and I won't be back so tomorrow I'll be busy cathing up on anything I missed plus cleaning. Lars' birthday is Wednesday so I need to wander a store and get inspired plus order his cake. He wants a coldstone creamery mint icecream cake

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