Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Count down to Pennsic - 4 days...

Mood: good
Weather: raining

I can't believe that I have to spend an entire day getting there and getting back - that seriously cuts into vacation time. I will do my best to make the car trip to PA vacation-like but 14 hours in the car gets to be not so fun. Today my packing plans include cleaning the dining room in order to pile all things that need to get into the car there. I've made a list so hopefully I can just stick to it and gather from the 5 corners of the house (garage counts as its own corner) and not get sidetracked. Since packing everything 2 people need for a week isn't enough fun, we are taking our friend too and all his stuff. Since he reads I won't tease him too badly but when we were talking about what we can give up for space he volunteered to give up his bed/cot but he needed to bring a bag of books... JM - just pick 2 books! It will be fun no matter what.

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