Tuesday, August 30, 2005

House Keeping

Mood: good
Weather: night
Gas: $2.75

House keeping is referring to the blog not the pig sty I am living in (don't worry mom). I noticed that some moron company spammed my comments so I have added a new encryption thing. When a real person wants to post they have to type the random wavy word that appears - this will keep the fake automatic comments out. Blogger may have it's drawbacks but that is a nice feature they just added.

I have also added a gas price line to my top template. This gas price will be based the two gas stations I pass in the morning and is in no way scientific. Today they hiked the price but I heard that mid winter it is supposed to come down drastically again, one can only hope. I seriously dislike thinking about all the cool or nice things I could do with $40 rather then dump it in the car. SUV is in need of new tires, maybe some place will be having a labor day sale or something...

Ironic note - I spell check using blogger when I'm not at work and Blogger's spell check does not recognize; blogger, blog, or spammed

1 comment:

Kate said...

testing the new feature since I got spammed 2 times in 40 min!