Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm going to be a racer

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Weather: gray but hot

Wow, once I miss a few days I have too many things to talk about so I have to take a day to think about what to put in and what to leave out...

Lets start with the fact that last week I was chosen to be on the company go-kart team for a race this weekend. It was a 'random' drawing but I was the only female on the list of 40 people and I was one of the 10 chosen. I was of two minds about signing up in general since I have never seen a go-kart much less driven one so I'm having trouble picturing me racing one. I suppose the worst that could happen is I loose the race but I am still on the team and I get a t-shirt. So this week, starting today, the course is set up and I have 2 practice runs free. That leads me to the fact that I have crammed alot of activity into today;
1. got up early to get to work early because;
2. I have a dentist apt at 9:30
3. back to work and then home where I will hopefully cut out the canape for the bed for Pennsic
4. to dance class - remember, I'm in the hour and a half class now
5. home to pick up Lars (8 at night) to head over to the track to do my first ever go-kart driving
6. eat, sew, sleep
Friday I get to go to the dentist again for a cleaning, I specifically asked for a different hygienist because the last one, while telling me it was her first week out of school, chipped away at 'something funny here' and two days later I lost a filling. I got a classmate of hers but at this point they have a year experience and have learned the difference between tooth - plaque - and filling.

Loosing fillings is old hat to me now. I think almost all my teeth have been refilled, some more then once. I have to think at this point it must be me but I still think it is the associate dentist (out of school a week ironically) who did 5 fillings over 2 sessions and all 5 fell out within a few months and had to be refilled. I have a complex about going there - the senior dentist is very nice but why does he keep hiring morons? Lars goes to the same place and just got his cleaning Monday with the super good woman, but she is booked months in advance. You know what they call the Dentist last in their class??? Dr.... and they get hired by my Dentist.

Last weekend was pretty mild, did some shopping. I returned the umbrella that the tornado wind put on the roof. I got a full refund so yeah for Ikea. The official reason for return; 'tragic incident with wind' and she even put that in the computer, she was a cool customer service person. I got a bunch of little things and spent the rest of the weekend doing little projects. I super scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen, using the steamer and everything. I really should have been sewing but I'm doing well with garb. I should work on on upgrading the wardrobe but Pennsic is often dusty or muddy and hot unless its raining so I don't want to bring anything too great. What I have will have to do and I need to not over pack. yeah right...

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