Saturday, August 06, 2005

Race Day - wish me luck

Mood: early
Weather: sunny, can't yet comment on heat but I'm sure by the end of 10 hours out there I will

I'm heading to the track. I have in tow - cooler, water, coffee, 18 donuts, sunblock, camp chairs, hat, book. I really wish I could wear my super big Asian hat but I think alot of people would laugh. The set up of the race is arrive at 8:30 when we sign in and get to know what round we race in (200 people in the race)then we sit til its our turn. I believe that the top few times in each set move up but it could be based on place... They were not clear. Either way I expect to be out in or before round 2.

In other quick news (since I should be actually getting in the car) I made a tunic for Pennsic for my expecting sister and went out to a fancy restaurant with Lars and friends last night.

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