Monday, August 29, 2005

Wife of the Year

I want to date this post 8/26 because that's the real day that I won Wife of the Year

Yup, I claim the title. I don't cook much, I keep the house clean but not perfect, and I tend to do laundry when Lars runs out of socks HOWEVER my selfless act of 8/26 grants me the title...

This all started with gas prices: Gas here is now consistently over 2.30. Lars and I used to trade cars every other day to keep mileage lower on the SUV because I worked an hour away. I've worked at my new job for 9 months and we never changed our system because it kept the 'my car your car' situation moot. Well, based on gas, we decided I would drive the SUV every day and he would drive the Saturn - this decision was made last Monday. Thursday our power was out so we could not get into the garage and we parked in the driveway. Now here comes the good part; Thursday night it poured rain for hours and Lars had left the drivers side window open. Lars had an early meeting so he was leaving as I was brushing teeth, and he comes in all sad puppy face asking what to do when the seat is all wet.... Here is where I get the award for best wife - I told him to take the SUV, I would take the soaking wet car seat. So I sat on a towel and wore a raincoat and it wasn't so bad but I'm only in the car for 15min and his commute is 30 on a clear day. That is why I am now Wife of the Year (at least to Lars).


eightk said...

Gas prices are consistantly over $2.30?! Yesterday, my roommate and I were driving along and we both squeeled with excitement because we saw gas that was $2.59. Sister, you got it so good, you don't even know.

Kate said...

Lars likes to say we live in the NJ of the midwest - gas is around 2.45 most of the time, never below 2.30.