Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I am still alive

Weather: getting cold
Gas: $2.60

Very alive actually, I'm doing tons of stuff so that why I took a blog vacation. It would be crazy to list all the goings on in the last 2 weeks but here are the highlights;

1. Last Monday worked like crazy so I could leave work on time to bring two cats to the vet. My scardy cat who I was afraid would freak out was 100% meek and let the vet do whatever she wanted. Jingles did not do so well, she flipped out a little and they resorted to putting her in the box (so they could sedate her and vaccinate through strategically placed holes). The box actually made her really calm and normal and they took her out and gave her shots normally. I have weird cats.

2. Tuesday and Wednesday I took a loooong road trip in a company van to see 5 facilities with 4 of my coworkers. It was a very educational trip but 48h straight is hard work. I was very glad to get home and collapse

3. Thursday Lars brought home the new kitten. We was received with various degrees of distance by the other cats but they are getting over it now. The kitten is very funny, she refuses to eat kitten food and will only eat the adult food. She tries to get 'into' us, litterly, she put her head in Lars' mouth while he was sleeping and constantly rams her head into our ears and she even tried my belly button once. We named her Doocie and after a week she is adjusting. Anyway, Thursday last week I brought her to the Vet and she is disease free and now worm free.

4. Friday I got talked into looking at another job within the company in another group. I put in an application and I stand a good chance of getting it. I'm torn between wanting the new challenge and possible pay bump and leaving the group I'm comfortable and work well with. If I get an offer I'll think more about it.

5. Weekend was unremarkable. It is our last one off for a few weeks so we took it easy, did some shopping, and relaxed.

6. Monday and Tuesday I was super busy again and the department is 'a buzz' with me interviewing with the other group.

7. Today... interviewing with a bunch of people who already know me is weird. The more or less just ask why I want to move and then they are out of questions.

8. Tomorrow I work, interview more, and get on a plane to NY at 7pm for a party at my parents. Doubt I'll be writing again until I get back.

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