Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm Back

Weather:perfect days, sunny and 75
Gas: $2.58

So where have I been! Well, working backwards from today - Yesterday and Wednesday were super busy at work, so busy I didn't even get to read the blogs I normally read. Tuesday and Monday I was on a department bonding trip and fully intended to post except we were so far out of the range of technology that my cell phone didn't even work. The weekend was full of cleaning and organizing and I'm not even sure what took all the time.

I promise to be better in the future... I can't bring myself to really tell any of the silly things that happened over the week because I would write a novel but here are the highlights~

The Department bonding trip included 3 hours of riding ATV where I got muddy head to toe but it was a good time. Ironically, there was a girl on the same ride that came out with only one spot of mud on her... We were going through really huge mud holes, I don't know how she did it.

I am starting my masters degree next semester. At least that is the plan at the moment. It is going to be a long drawn out part time thing because work will only pay for so much a year. Anyway, I have a meeting with HR today to get the details from a company standpoint. So why now? During the career development portion of the trip they said that if I want the next level up then a masters is recommended and the level after that the masters is required so I better start. A MBA isn't a bad thing to get anyway, any job will be pleased to see it. I am going to apply to the U of MN, 15th best part time masters program in the country (according to their website) so in the next few months I need to take my GMAT and do a bunch of paper work.

Tonight I am going to Greenday, last min ticket but I'm excited!

Next week I'm traveling Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday we are adopting a new kitten. Lars is very excited to get a new kitten, so excited that I could not say no. Hopefully the other two cats like this one.

On Oct 15 Lars and I are having our first party in the house, now that the shelves are up I feel like we have really done something. We invited about 30 people and we will see who comes.

Ok, 80 items in my work in -box and the goal is to get under 50 before the end of the day...

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eightk said...

OMG, when you see Green Day, tell Billie Joe I love him. And give him my phone number. Tell him I don't mind about the whole wife thing. I'm willing to work it out with him.