Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Long weekend recap

Mood: Mondayish
Weather: getting sunny
Gas: $2.75

Wow, it has been almost a week...

Last week was busy but not outstanding in any way. My cat bit my foot in the middle of the night and I started screaming like I was having my foot bitten off by wild animals. The screaming probably made the cat more scared and actually made the bite worse and it woke up Lars and he bear hugged me to stop me from hitting him. In the end after some peroxide and triple antibiotic cream it was better in a day. If I actually had gotten around to writing the day it happened I would have been more dramatic but it is well in the past now.

Labor day weekend was not big deal for us. We made no plans and ended up doing a few fun things. Sat I varnished coat 1 on all the shelves and then played online games with Lars. Sunday I varnished coat 2 on the shelves and we went to see The Brothers Grimm. The movie was ok, pretty odd and disjointed but good enough. I'm glad we only paid matinee prices for it. After the movie we went to Sears to get new tires. We talked to the sales guy and pick the tires and go outside and give him keys. He is putting all the protective stuff on the seats and we are standing there watching so we said 'so this will take about half an hour?' he says 'yes, about half an hour' we say; 'ok, see you in 30 min, we are going shopping', he replies ; 'ok, see you then'. Doesn't that sound like the dude didn't need us anymore and in half an hour we would return, pay, and leave? That's what we thought... Half an hour later we are back in Sears after going to a book store and they are paging us... we go to the auto center and the sales guy hasn't even started our order because he forgot to get our phone number. He had 3 service guys glaring at him because it was about 2 min to 6 and they were supposed to close at 6. He tried to pin it on us saying he thought we were waiting inside for him and we reminded him of the; 'see you in 30 min' conversation and he just looked sheepish. Moral of the story, Sears can put on and balance 2 front tires in under 5 min because we were out of there by 6:05. Quite the cluster but we really didn't have to wait too much longer then what they promised so that's not bad.

Monday we looked at furniture at Ashley furniture in the hope that someday we will decide on some sort of couch and love seat set and let the poor futon retire. We saw a few good things but nothing we had to have. Funny thing is we walked in ready to buy and we were completely ignored by the sales people. We had sat on every couch in the entire store and were back to the 3 we liked when finally a sales person asked if we were being helped. I like being let shop but it was annoying to be ignored. We left with nothing and we need to think about the 3 we liked. #1 girlie chenille paisley (semi floral) pattern in the right golds and reds for our house, nail head detail and nice accents on the feet, back and arms. #2 Dark blue with navy pinstripe - more square build, donut wood feet, modern look that would match our house but kinda blah on the personality scale. #3 Champaign chenille - rounded arms, very deep and comfortable and has a matching chair and a half but has no feet (just a box bottom with pleated skirting covering it) and again, little personality. We can't decide at all... After shopping we met up with friends, ate out, and watched 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. It is a good and sad movie and it is the second time seeing it for us so we caught more of the details but it still ends sadly.

Today still feels like a Monday, slow starting and dull. I'm glad that it is a short week :) Today I hope to actually install the shelves - only took 6 months :)

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