Thursday, September 01, 2005

Weather: very nice - sunny, windy, 80's
Gas: $2.99 - 3.11

Here I am obsessing over gas and I feel silly when New Orleans is a wreck. I feel very bad for everyone who is trying to do the right thing but I am rather mad over the looting and shooting. Looting for food or necessities, not so bad, but looting for TV's and jewelry not excusable at all. I don't even know what they are going to do with the TV, I mean, they don't have power and I doubt they have a nice dry storage area within walking distance...

Anyway, my life continues and my house felt extra dry and nice last night.

I am in danger of loosing wife of the year, Lars apparently has not had work socks for about 3 days now. He has been wearing bright white athletic socks to work with his nice pants, dress pants and dress shoes. I'll do laundry today I suppose but I have to do it quick because we are going to the cities tonight. We went to an art fair a few months ago and saw a few picture that were very well done and we wanted one for a gift so earlier this week I emailed the artist and we are meeting for the hand off tonight. Since we will be there anyway, we are going to 'eat at Joe's (joes garage). It is supposed to be a great funky artistic place but I'll let you know later.

I officially graduated from beginners clogging yesterday. Next week I get to go to the intermediate class and thrown in with the big fish. Over the past month or so the beginner class has dropped to about 10 people. I don't know if everyone else (from our original 50) are on vacation or just lost interest but they are all gone. Our semiprivate lessons have been cool but the intermediate class is back up to around 60 on the floor so it will be tight. The teacher told us all to stand in the front row so we can see better but I'm not sure I want all the advanced people looking at me. I'll see next week....

Someone just asked me what I'm doing over the long weekend and I totally did not know that we had Monday off. Long weekends are great and surprise ones are even better. Maybe I will get the shelves done, that would be nice, but I think we will probably end up being lazy and hanging out.

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