Wednesday, October 05, 2005

2000 frequent flyer miles later

Mood: good
Weather: snowing in ND (not here, just 10 inches of rain)
Gas: $2.75

Back in the swing of things here. I had a great time in NY, we did a baby shower for my sister, visited the grandparents, went apple/pumpkin picking and got nails done with my highschool friend. Dropped by another friends new house to see it and it has alot of potential but I'm glad to see the husband is handy because the house needs lots of love. The main event of the weekend was the pig party, my dad roasted a whole pig over a fire pit and we ate soooo much food and saw tons of people it was alot of fun. Going back to MN is always hard because so many of the people we like and the places we know are on the east coast but we have plenty of friends here too. I have a list of things to be glad about in MN; practically no traffic, clean everything, lots of house for our money, nice neighbors, and a good group of friends.

Crown is this coming weekend and I have not given it more then a passing thought. I actually forgot for a while what weekend it was. I'm making my tokens and they are pretty cheesier but it is hand braided chord with a bead so not the most cheesier thing in the world. I have 6 done and hope to get an even dozen by Friday. I just hope it is a good day with no excessiveness.

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